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Why You Should Play Texas Wild Horse Race 3D

Rate this Article Texas Wild Horse Race 3D gives you a lot of reasons to download it from either the Google Play Store or iTunes. Horse Games Online - Why You Should Play Texas Wild Horse Race 3D

Horse racing games are undoubtedly popular. You can find plenty of choices when you do even a simple search online, and on iTunes or Play Store. One of these is Texas Wild Horse Race 3D.

In a nutshell, this game is a mobile horse racing game that dares to defy norms and expectations. Most of you may have been used to 2D, side-scrolling horse racing games on mobile. However, as its name suggests, this game is not two-dimensional but is a fully three-dimensional game of horse and rider racing against other similar teams.

So, why should you download the app from Google Play Store or iTunes? Here are some reasons why you should consider the game.

First, it is more than just racing. You are actually running a race cum obstacle course. You don’t just run around at high speed in an attempt to best other racers who are following you. You also have to evade obstacles like barrels rolling towards you, or a stack of the same barrels standing in your way. You have to veer right or left to avoid smashing into the obstacles.

You could also encounter water pools, and barriers. Water pools are best skirted around; they don’t come individually, because there will be groups of them along the way so you’ll have to be very careful about running and skirting around them. You might avoid one, but end up going straight into another.

As for barriers, you’ll have to jump over them. There’s a bonus to being able to time your jumps right - you get 10% additional stamina.

Another reason is that this racer is a simulator. You have to mind statistics, namely, speed, jumping, and stamina.

Stamina is the most important, as it is the one you’ll be working with. Running at high speed will deplete your horse’s stamina. Once it gets really low, your horse will have to slow down for it to be able to recover its strength. This will allow other racers to overtake you, if you have not gained any significant ground from them.

All statistics can be leveled up incrementally, and will cost you a certain amount of in-game cash, which you will earn at the end of every race. The better your performance is in each race, the higher the amount of in-game cash you can win. Use them wisely.

To add to the realism, you’ll have to use your mobile phone to steer your horse around. The device acts as a rein, and the intensity of the motions you make using your device will determine just how far your horse veers towards the intended direction.

In short, Texas Wild Horse Race 3D is a package of impressive graphics, truly enjoyable gameplay and realistic environments. Most of all, it’s free to play. You only need to download the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the iTunes Store for iOS phones and tablets.

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