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Older Posts Sun, Aug 18, 2013

New Game Added: Little Horses

A Black Stallion standing on his hind legs in Little Horses Little Horses saddled black and white horse One of the starting horses you can buy in Little Horses Little Horses is a Free Facebook Game where you can choose and name your own horse.

Feed and Groom your horse in your very own stable, you can even train them in Dressage.

When your horse is ready put them out to stud and breed your very own horses.
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Wed, Aug 14, 2013

New Survey Added: Which is the Prettiest Star Stable Horse?

Which is the Prettiest Star Stable Horse? - Survey Option 1 Which is the Prettiest Star Stable Horse? - Survey Option 2 Which is the Prettiest Star Stable Horse? - Survey Option 3 Which is the Prettiest Star Stable Horse? - Survey Option 4 Star Stable is a beautiful horse related Virtual World, now is the time to vote for your favorite Star Stable horse. Read More
Tue, Jul 30, 2013

New Game Added: Horsemaker

Train your horses in Horsemaker Use the different places in Horsemaker Race in Horsemaker Become a horse trainer of the champion horse.

Hire riders and take care of your horse for better performance.

Race and have fun in a great game with many features.
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Tue, Jun 4, 2013

New Game Added: My Stable

Find Horses in My Stable Watch your horses in My Stable Show off your horse in My Stable In My Stable you can do anything you want, be the best trainer, breeder or even horse trapper. Show off your horses in events and win huge prizes.

Own, breed, train, show and care for your own virtual horses.

How you play our game is up to you, you can be a great breeder or prove yourself as a fantastic trainer, or become the finest trapper - catching wild horses!

Enjoy cool graphics and great game-play where you can see beautiful horses.
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Thu, May 30, 2013

New Game Added: Bella Sara

Train your horse in Bella Sara Explore Bella Sara Breed new horses in Bella Sara Play Bella Sara Adventures, where you can travel the magical world and help the horses. Build your own cottage and fill it with your own treasures.

Adventure with fantastic horses, and special magical horses in this amazing world.

Collect cards as you travel the lands based on the Bella Sara books.

Decorate your own cottage with fantastic furniture and special items.
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Thu, May 30, 2013

New Game Added: Horzer

Train your horse in Horzer Raise a horse in Horzer Different horses in Horzer Horzer takes you to a whole new world full of wonderful horses, look after and feed them, then train, race or breed your horses.

Raise, train and race your own horses.

Build your own equestrian center and look after lots of horses.

Enter your horse into a detailed breeding program.
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Thu, May 30, 2013

New Game Added: My Horse Club

Start playing My Horse Club Play My Horse Club Groom your horse in My Horse Club Unfortunately the developers of My Horse Club have closed the game. If you would like to try a new game, please feel free to browse through our list of Games like My Horse Club here:

Groom and train your own horses in a premium stable with great graphics and community.

Ride horses in this colorful 3D game and challenge your friends to see who has the best horses in town.

Find all the different breeds of horses possible and test your skills in tournaments.
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Thu, May 30, 2013

New Game Added: Horse Race Game

Race in Horse Racing Fantasy Start a race in Horse Racing Fantasy Be the first in Horse Racing Fantasy Get in the world of fun horse racing.

Compete with players from all over the world.

Prove your skills in major competitions.
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Wed, May 29, 2013

New Game Added: Howrse

Howrse: Pegasus Baby ponies in Howrse Howrse: Winter Dadga Howrse allows you to raise and breed beautiful horses and ponies online.

Discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center.

Work, earn money and groom many different types of horses and ponies.
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Wed, May 29, 2013

New Game Added: My Horse

Play My Horse Jumping over fences in My Horse Image Alt Groom and care for your horse with different activities in great 3D graphics.

Train to compete in a series of challenging show jumping competitions and try to reach the championship.

Share and visit your friends and help taking care of their horses.
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