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Thursday, July 5, 2018 Star Stable Review

A Mystery Beckons in Star Stable

It's been a crazy week - all the Bobcat Girlz are disappearing and the Druids are once again calling! What is happening?! The Bobcat Girlz are slowly disappearing for no reason; Loretta has gone missing; and the Druids are once again stirring things up!

Set off on an epic adventure in search of Concorde by heading over to Valedale. There, you will need to talk to Elizabeth Sunbeam to kick off the quest.

This quest is only available to Star Riders, however. You will also need to finish the quests where Justin escaped the Druids and where Rhiannon gave you a rope for your saddlebag.

P/S: Oddly enough, the requirements for this quest is different on the Star Stable website... However, if we have to choose, we'd go with the requirements stated in the video as the more accurate version.