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Monday, June 25, 2018 Alicia Online Review

Alicia Online: Last Three Management Skills Added

The skills, Therapist, Healer, and Safe Rider, were added in a recent update. Alicia Online: Last Three Management Skills Added Finally, to round up all the management skills they have released so far, you get the last three skills - Therapist, Healer, and Safe Rider. A quick reminder for those who have no idea what these skills are - management skills are skills you can gain by simply taking care of your horse.

Mastering these skills, like all other skills, come with special perks. When you master the Therapist skill, the luck of your horse will be full for several races after you have healed it. The higher the luck of your horse, the smaller the chance of getting injured. With full luck the chance of getting injured is really small.

The Healer skill reduces the time your horse needs to heal naturally. Normally your horse can heal naturally from a minor injury after you raced with other horses for 5 times, and if you master this skill, the number of races you need will be further reduced. Please note that it is strongly recommended to heal your horse as soon as your horse gets injured. However, if you are not able to do this for some reason, you may leave your horse to heal naturally at the ranch, while you enjoy riding another horse.

Lastly, the Safe Rider skill lowers the chance of your horse getting an injury while racing.

Please note that resetting management skills will cost you 30,000 carrots, but for the testing purposes during the next week you will be able to reset your skill points for free. This way you will be able to try different skill combinations and check if everything works well!