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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Alicia Online Rolled Out New In-Game Character Customization System

A feature that many players have long waited for is finally here! Alicia Online Rolled Out New In-Game Character Customization System The Alicia Online team is glad to announce that you will now be able to customize your character directly ingame!

This new feature is helpful for beginners, as well as experienced players, because it makes character customization much more convenient. You can view changes in real time in the game as you customize your character's appearance. Normally, the customization function would only be available for new players who create an account, but we decided that we would make customization available for everyone.

In the future, special spells will be added to the shop which will allow character appearances to be customized, but for now, while this function is still in development, you can use it for free as many times as you want. Simply type "/create" in the ranch chat and restart your game.

In the near future, the selection of character nickname and voice will be added to the ingame customization menu as well, so the character profile on the website will no longer be necessary and will be removed. Please make sure you have selected your desired character name nickname on the website by the end of next week, because name changes might be temporarily unavailable during the transition period.

Have fun customizing your character!