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Wednesday, November 29, 2017 Alicia Online Review

Brand New Breeding System Introduced in Alicia Online

Breeding bonuses, improved inheritance of stats and more! Brand New Breeding System Introduced in Alicia Online The breeding system in Alicia Online has been greatly improved from its rather rudimentary form.

From now on your horses will be able to get a breeding bonus. Breeding bonus increases the pregnancy chance, and randomly appears after you breed your horse several times. When your horse gets a breeding bonus, a small green Bonus icon will appear near your horse's name in the breeding list.

Additionally, the developers have improved the inheritance of horse stats. It should now be easier to get a foal with more accurately distributed stats. Also, foals now have a chance to be born with different types of facial markings. Note that certain facial markings are specific for certain coats. By the way, the chance of successfully getting a foal when breeding should be higher now, even without the breeding bonus.

Check out Alicia Online now and enjoy these all-new features!