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Friday, April 6, 2018 Alicia Online Review

Collect Easter Eggs while Racing in Alicia Online

Celebrate Easter with amazing Magic Races in the Woollen Forest! Collect Easter Eggs while Racing in Alicia Online There are rumors about mysterious wandering rabbits in the Woollen Forest. It is said that they have created special Magic Races for racers to compete in. Best yet, you can find and collect Easter eggs while racing here.

The rabbits have cast a magic spell on racing rooms as well. If you use the word "april" in the name of your room... they say things HAPPEN...

Stato the ranch rabbit also has a few surprises for you all. Apparently, he has added a special present box into your inventory.

Stato has finally succeeded in finding out what truly motivates horses to race. He is introducing the brand-new Carrot Chaser armor set - magnificently developed and produced by Stato & Co. in order to satisfy the most demanding customers and horses. The modern design, tough & fashionable materials, and also the included Special Horse Motivator™ will boost your horse's powers and morale! Stato & Co. guarantee a spectacular result.