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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Halloween has Arrived in Star Stable!

The season you've been waiting for this entire month is now here in Star Stable! Halloween is here in Star Stable once again and this year around, there are a lot more fun events to do! In summary, here are all these events:

Help the Confused Spirits in Jorvik
Many confused spirits have popped up all over Jorvik this year and Mrs Holdworth in Moorland has taken pity on them. She found a way to help these ghosts to move on and she's willing to teach you how to do it so you can help the 29 other lost ghosts that are scattered throughout the land to move on. The ghosts themselves will also be incredibly grateful for your help and will give you a nice little reward in return.

Help the Pumpkin Lady Find Her Lost Horses
Apparently, the Pumpkin Lady at Nilmer's Highland is taking care of the horses for the three of the four Horsemen and well, she messed up... big time! She now needs your help to locate these missing horses and in return, she will give you some mysterious Halloween powder. These powders can change the appearance of your starter horse into something spookier and more befitting of the occasion.

Eve's Spooky Competition
Eve is a girl who really live this time of the year because now she can play with the ghosts that live in the Silverglade Castle cellar and she would be glad to invite you along as well! She has a small competition for you to do in exchange for some amazing prizes, so be sure to stop by and complete her challenge.

Help Fae Create Her Halloween Costume
Fae, Eve's twin sister, isn't as interested in playing with ghosts but boy is she ready to get the Halloween party started in Jorvik. However, the mischievous ghosts that are now roaming around the place have hidden all of the items she needs to make her costume. Can you help her find all of them so she'd make it in time for the party? She might even be grateful enough to help you make a unique Halloween costume of your own too!

Special Powders in Halloween Shops
Aside from getting these special powders from the Pumpkin Lady, you can also buy them at the many Halloween shops that are now scattered throughout the major villages and cities in Jorvik. There are 3 kinds of powders which will have an effect only on your starter horse, changing it into a skeleton horse, a zombie horse and a mummy horse. There are also special Halloween effects that you can purchase - flaming hooves or dark smokey hooves, or you can even have bats fly over your head as you ride. The shop will sell items from previous Halloween events alongside these new Halloween items too.

Don't forget to drop by the Beauty Salon to get a spooky makeup as well!