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Friday, November 3, 2017 Star Stable Review

Improved Animations in Star Stable

In this week's update, Star Stable rolls out more realistic animations for your avatar! Animations make or break a game and this week, Star Stable has rolled out a massive animation upgrade for your avatars! This update changes how your character look, move and pose (when being idle or doing a specific action). The animations now feel a lot more realistic and fluid... and best yet, this will allow the developers to come up with way cooler things in the future. However, like every major update for any online game, there might be bugs and it is up to you, dear players, to help hunt them down.

Of course, if bug hunting is not really your thing, you can still enjoy the Halloween events in Star Stable until next Wednesday and if you are a Star Rider, you can claim an awesome gift at the bonus shop in Moorland.