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Monday, June 11, 2018 Alicia Online Review

New Summer Outfits and Accessories in Alicia Online

New outfits and accessories to welcome the sweltering summer! New Summer Outfits and Accessories in Alicia Online Alicia Online has added more clothes and accessories from version 2.0 into the shop!

The first being a white shirt with a light-weight beige and brown Leather Hemmed Bolero is perfect to keep you cool during warm and sunny weather and also designed to protect you from the breeze you encounter while running fast with your horse. Leather Patch Breeches are made of a strong and durable fabric reinforced with leather, providing built-in knee protection. The general shape and reduced length of the pants ensure they remain comfortable, making them a good choice for hot summer races.

In the Accessories section, you can now find Wing Earcuffs, which is an elegant ear decoration made of feathers that accents the face. As a bonus, it is also fashioned to look like Pegasus' wing.

Enjoy the new summer items!