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Monday, June 19, 2017

Riding Out Gameplay Trailer

Learn all about this brand-new horse-themed RPG, Riding Out! With the incredible success of horse-themed RPGs like Star Stable and Alicia Online comes this brand-new indie game by UnexEvo, Riding Out!

Being a horse-themed RPG, Riding Out features a vast open world that you can explore with your friends on horseback. Discover stunning landscapes and natural wonders out on the hilly mountains or the open plains, or go on an adventure through the canopied forests in search of a fabled, secret path that will lead you to a mysterious area tucked neatly away from the world.

Interestingly, unlike Star Stable, you'll actually get to enjoy more of the RPG aspect through the game's gathering and crafting system where you will head out to the wild to harvest natural resources, like wood, ore and others, and head back to turn the into useful tools and building materials.

Best yet, the game is also a sandbox game (like Minecraft) where you can not only manage your own ranch; you can build one from the ground up yourself! If you don't fancy a having a ranch in Riding Out... well, you're the boss! You can build literally anything you want, be it a farmyard, an equestrian center or even a super-challenging horse track for only the best riders around town!

There are plenty of other virtual people, in addition to the real ones, you can interact with in the village. Here, you can sell off any excess resources or materials you may have for some money as well as help people out with their requests and tasks.

If you're a huge fan of horse-themed RPGs, you'll definitely love this game! You can check out the demo on Steam now, or...... you can wait a little bit more for our review before getting the demo - it's your choice!