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Thursday, January 18, 2018 Star Stable Review

Star Stable: Gary’s Jorvik Wild Horses

Three brand-new Jorvik Wild Horses are finally here in Star Stable! Star Stable: Gary’s Jorvik Wild Horses Brought by none other than Gary Goldtooth back from the wild, he now has 3 brand-new Jorvik Wild Horses for sale in the Firgrove Forest near Andy's sandpit. These horses come in 3 coat colors, namely creamy, grayish-black and brown that will change into vivid and vibrant colors once they are out and free to run around in the wild.

To get one of these wild horses, all you need to do is to have 599 Star Coins in your purse, and the ability to head over to Firgrove. There aren't any reputation or level requirements!

Gary is only staying at Firgrove for two weeks before heading back to one of his expeditions, so be sure to drop by real soon to check out these amazing new horses!