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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Star Stable Trailers: Brand-New Jorvik Wild Horses for the Summer of 2019

What would it feel like riding a tree-horse? Well, you're about to find out! Releasing on June 26th, Gary Goldtooth is bringing along with him two brand-new and extremely-rare Jorvik Wild Horses for the summer. The new horses look like a Birch tree and a Sakura tree respectively. Similar to previous Jorvik Wilds, these tree-looking horses look like normal horses when they are ridden around towns and cities, but once they are allowed to run free in the wild, that's when they transform into the druidic beauties that they are.

These horses are pretty speedy on their hooves and they cost 950 star coins each. Note that the horses will only be available for around a month, up until July 24th. So, if you plan on buying them, don't dally too long lest you forgot to do so!