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Thursday, June 7, 2018 Star Stable Review

Star Stable's Massive Circus Update

Have you been to the circus in Jorvik lately? If not, you might want to drop by and check out the new visuals! This week, Star Stable has had a new circus update. Everything from the big top to the circus master, Ydris, had a much-needed makeover... and boy! Does everything look so much better now!

That's not all, the team has even renewed the old circus quest and added some new ones. These quests will be available to both Star Riders and free trial players, though you'll need to have done the quest where find Loretta in Nilmer's highland and race her back to the Moorland stables.

What if you've already done or is halfway through the circus quest? Will you be able to play this new quest? Yes, you can! To allow everyone to have the chance to check out the new quests, the Star Stable team has added in an option for players to restart the quest just so they can play the new parts. How amazing is that?!

So, if you haven't already, be sure to drop by the circus in Jorvik today and get started on the new quest! You'll love it!