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Saturday, September 30, 2017 Star Stable Review

Star Stable's Special 6th Birthday Events

Many exciting events await you in Star Stable and don't miss out on grabbing that free walking pet! Star Stable is celebrating its 6th birthday - one week early in fact - and it has plenty of exciting events in store for you!

Birthday Leaders can now be found literally everywhere around Jorvik and she will have a daily quest for you. Simply complete the race she asks you to do and your horse will not only get a whopping 1500XP, you'll even get 3 Golden Horseshoes.

These special Horseshoes can then be exchanged, at your nearest Birthday Leader, for one of 8 pieces of a unique birthday outfit - though you'll first need at least 5 horseshoes to do so. Thus, if you need more horseshoes, you can just head on over to the special Horseshoe Birthday Leader by the fountain in Fort Pinta and enjoy a fun treasure hunt where you can set off to find all 75 golden horseshoes sneakily scattered across Fort Pinta, Moorland, Silverglade Village, Firgrove and Valedale.

This birthday event will last for a fortnight rather than the usual 1 week, so you'll have plenty of time to get those horseshoes!

What's a birthday without a birthday cake, right? Well, the good people of Firgrove has baked their annual birthday cake for Star Stable and you can head over there to check it out. You can also purchase fireworks from special birthday stalls close to the majority of the villages on Jorvik and light them up in Moorland, Steve's Farm and Fort Pinta.

Not to mention, Star Stable has a special surprise for you... and it's FREE! Right up until October 11th, you can claim a free walking pet (a squirrel) by searching for a special code in this video - Spoiler alert: It's STARSTABLE6 by the way. You'll still need a saddlebag to "equip" this pet but you can click on a button right next to the pet to have it jump out of the bag and run - adorably I might add - alongside your horse or even you!