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Sunday, December 2, 2018 Alicia Online Review

The Winter Season Arrived in Alicia Online

Welcome the snowy weather with a set of cozy new armor! The Winter Season Arrived in Alicia Online The winter season has arrived!

To help your horse feel more comfortable in the cold weather, the Alicia Online team are introducing a new armor - the Snowstorm Set!

This cozy armor set will keep your horse nice and warm and ready for racing in the frosty winter climate. The rugged leather saddle is reinforced with light and flexible steel to allow your horse to run with ease, while the set's sturdy horseshoes will help prevent your horse from slipping on icy tracks. The underneath of the saddle is covered with light gray fur which gives the armor a unique look while providing your horse's body with additional warmth.

Enjoy your holiday season in Alicia Online comfortably with the new Snowstorm Set!