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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 Star Stable Review

Welcoming the Pintabian to Star Stable!

Say hello to the 3 variations of the new Pinto Arabians in Star Stable! Yes, you've heard right - There is a new horse breed in town! Introducing the Pintabian, a.k.a. Pinto Arabian, horses.

There are 3 variations of this breed that you can buy in Star Stable right now. They include a reddish one which you can get at The Winery; a black Pintabian at Crescent Moon Village and a brownish one at Fort Pinta.

There isn't any reputation required for this breed, though you'll need to be at least level 11 and have 969 Star Coins (per horse) to spend.

Not to mention, the animations for all Arabian horses have been tweaked following the release of the Pintobians, and interestingly, you can now gain more reputation with Spirit, the Stallion of the Cimarron, whenever you finish a quest with him. This makes it a lot easier for players who have not added Spirit to their stables to do so. However, do bear in mind that you'll still need to have enough Star Coins to buy the Miradero apple that's needed if you want to invite Spirit to your stables.

Aside from a brand-new selection of Lifetimer items at the lifetimer shop in Moorland, the horse market has shifted yet again and this time, you can find it, along with Eddie and Ferdinand, at Jorvik Stables.