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5 Top-tier Star Stable Horses in 2021

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Have you always wanted to try raising a horse? In Star Stable Online you can do just that. Today we will list five very interesting breeds you could get using the app right now! Pferde Spiele Online - 5 Top-tier Star Stable Horses in 2021

Star Stable Horses is a mobile application focusing on raising and training horses for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Star Stable Online.” This article will feature what we think are the hottest breeds you can raise right now. The list is subjective and will be in no particular order.

Norwegian Fjord Horse

Fjord horse in Star Stable Horses

The Fjord is a fine specimen, a draft horse’s musculature with a small breed’s nimbleness; it is a true icon of the equestrian world! They carry the dun dilution gene and usually have three kinds of coats: bay, black, and chestnut. The Gen 3 Fjords sell for 850 SC and come in six variations.

English Thoroughbred

English thoroughbred

From an Arabian lineage, it is an excellent choice for any equestrian discipline. It is well known for being an exceptional competition horse for dressage, showjumping, and polo. It is certain it will always hold its head high. It is a beauty to behold, possessing long legs and muscular shoulders, telltale signs of the horse’s speed and dexterity when racing. The Gen1/1.5 Thoroughbreds are sold for 280 SC, Gen 2 for 425 SC, Gen 3 for 850 SC.

Gotland Pony

Gotland Pony

Hailing from the Swedish island of Gotland, it has one of the most direct links to ancient wild horses that once roamed free in Europe. Even today, some feral herds can be spotted south of the island. It is sturdy and known to be steadfast with work activities; it also has an insatiable appetite. On Jorvik, the pony is a preferred companion by explorers as their athletic build is able to carry passengers through most terrain. The Gen 3 is sold for 750 SC; it has two variant hairstyles: Fluffy mane and Braids with Bows.

Irish Cob

Irish cob in Star Stable Horses

Originating from Ireland, it is a powerful horse sporting a calm temperament. Was bred to drag carts and wagons, it is friendly and easily trainable. On Jorvik, it is popular amongst druids who prefer the colder climate. Its thick and fluffy feathering manages to control its temperature making it a perfect companion for icier expeditions. It comes with a lot of variations for hairstyle and coat color. Gen 1 is sold for 499 SC and Gen 3 for 850 SC.


Percheron Horse in Star Stable Horses

Found in northwestern France in the old Le Perche region, they can be traced back to the middle age mighty war horses that carried knights into the battlefield. As the year passed, its purpose changed from warfare to doing domestic work. One can’t help admire its powerful aesthetic, chiseled body; it is also nimble and capable of great endurance. They are especially loved by Jorvik rangers, who usually have to traverse marshy terrain and are considered to be a stalwart companion that will not let you down. Perchenons come in seven different variations and are sold for 850 SC.

Those were the five horse breeds we think are great to get in the game right now. Every kind listed here is guaranteed to be of quality and will surely be a trusted companion in your adventures in Jorvik. So what are you waiting for? Boot up Star Stable Horses now and raise these magnificent creatures!

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