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Everything You Need to Know About Horses in Roblox: The Wild West

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The Wild West played a very vital part in the history of the US. Today, although it may be the topic of tales, legends, and history, there is one animal that stands its ground to be counted in the annals of such, the horse. Pferde Spiele Online - Everything You Need to Know About Horses in Roblox: The Wild West

Since the Roblox game platform started operating in 2006, many user-created content and games have conformed to it. Roblox has grown so much over the years, not only as an online go-to for creativity and fun but as a huge community as well. The various games offered on the platform each present a unique Roblox experience for gamers of all ages, provided one isn't bothered by the cube-like characters in the game akin to those in Minecraft. Regardless, the platform has performed exceptionally well through the years with its ups and downs and controversial shares of its own.

One of the most popular horse games on Roblox is The Wild West. This horse game can best be described as an open-world MMORPG taking place in the American Cowboy Era when Sheriffs and outlaws fought it out face to face with their six bullet revolvers. The Wild West has become one of the fundamental foundations of American lore and entertainment, putting actors like John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Clint Eastwood, Robert Conrad (the original Wild Wild West), and others on the list of Hollywood legends.

In the game, it's up to you what you want to do West of the Pecos (so to speak), but you are given the choice of four job options. You can be a Sheriff (or bounty hunter) and hunt down the bad guys. You can be the Bad Guy and do all things that outlaws do, like rob banks and trains or shoot anyone whose face you don't like. You can be a hunter in the wild, chasing animals like deer, bears, wild boars, and others for their skins, pelts, and meat. Lastly, you could be a peaceful miner exploring caves and dig sites for precious stones, oars, and whatever you can find. In whichever job you do, you earn money.

As the game involves a lot of exploring and adventuring, a player has to travel quite some distance to get from point Buga to point Muga, and walking is not an option. It's the Wild Wild West, and what use is a Cowboy without a Horse, a pistol, and a rifle? Well, you get the picture. So before you go on your extraordinary adventure traveling the great frontier, shooting the bad guys or the Injuns or smoking the Peace Pipe with the chief, having a best friend named Tonto and (of course) a horse named Silver, visit a town or city that has a stable and get yourself a Horse!

How to get yourself a horse in the Wild West

Buy Your Horse or Mule

The first thing you do when you start with the game is to visit a stable. Some places don't have these, so you will have to find one that does. So, you walk into the stable and chat a while with the caretaker. You can then go and choose a horse.

If you don't have much money yet, you can always get a Mule (the result of a cross-eyed horse mistaking a donkey for a mare and erroneously mating with it). A Mule is not supposed to be a horse, but it does beat walking. If you got the cash, then get a better ride. Like the variety of online horse games out there, there is a variety of horses in The Wild West so you can choose that which you can afford.

Remember, however, that horses have stats depending on price and breed, and these stats affect your gameplay, especially when the going gets tough, and you have to travel fast, travel far, or shoot it out on horseback.

Customizing your ride in The Wild West

Customize Silver

When you've chosen your horse, you can now customize it. In the stable area (whether indoors or outdoors), click on the My Horses button above the horse. This way, you get to see all your available horses.

Using the right/left arrow, choose your horse to customize, then click on the Customize button below. You can then change your horse's appearance and even neigh via the customization window. Don't forget to name your stallion when you buy it. Otherwise, you may go through the desert on a horse with no name. Clicking on accessories will let you purchase saddles, bridles, and blankets to use with your horse and equip them. Just remember that depending on the cash you have, you can purchase, customize and decorate your best pal and ride to your heart's content.

How to ride your horse in The Wild West?

Whistle to Silver

Almost everyone who owns and rides a horse loves their horse. The horse is not just a beast of burden or a utility animal; it is a friend just like a dog is. A bond between horse and rider can be seen in so many subtle ways. The horse knows who his or her master is and will neigh and instinctively approaches when called or, in the case of Kemosabe and Zorro, whistled at. So the moral is, please don't abuse your animal! To ride your horse in Roblox, open the horse menu with the H key. You can then "call" or "uncall" your animal.

You also have the option to ride shotgun with a friend by hitting the E key when prompted. Who says riding horses can't be fun?

There are, however, a few essential things about horses one has to remember. They have various attributes, which are Speed, Health, and Stamina, and all three will depend on the kind of horse they are. So, it is vital to always take these factors into account and be aware of them when riding your horse. No matter how hard you kick your poor horse, if that's the speed, he can give you, that's the speed he can give you. If he gets exhausted and his Stamina goes down (the number of spurs at the bottom of the display) and you keep on pushing him, your stallion will go down and bring you along with him, so best to keep this in mind. The Health of your horse is your ride, and you'll lose your ride if it gets shot at all too many times.

Kind, breed and performance

Ho Ho Roblox

Despite the wacky and block-like appearance of Roblox: The Wild West, the game should be taken seriously if one wants to get further into it and build a reputation for oneself. Choosing your outfit, your weapons, your gear, and of course, your horse are the crucial considerations in the game. Horses or mounts are divided into four kinds, which are one-star, two-star, three-star, and unique mounts.

One-star mounts are the least in terms of Speed, Health, and Stamina. These are more like workhorses used for utilitarian purposes. These include the Mule, the Tersk, and the Welsh Mountain, among others. Don't expect to get far with these. Performance isn't their forte. The game has around 24 breeds. So as not to bore the reader, only three breed examples will be mentioned for each kind. Two-stars include species like the Appaloosa, the Morgan, and the Tennessee Walking. These moderate horses can travel further without conking out, a bit stronger and a bit faster.

Three-star horses are the best that money can buy. These are the racehorse breeds of today and the warhorse breeds of the past. These include the Mustang, the Hungarian Halfbred, and the American QuarterHorse. Stats are high on these animals, so it would still be best to have the best if one can afford it. Finally, there are mounts you won't find in the stables. You can win them through events or come across them in your explorations. These include the Wendigo Horse and the Skeleton Horse. You can also ride the Reindeer, but it sure would look weird with you and Rudolph in the middle of the Arizona Desert.

Can you breed or groom your horses in The Wild West?

Ultimately, The Wild West isn't a horse game so you won't be able to, for example, breed your horses like in a horse breeding game. There's no grooming mechanics in this game either since horses are mainly used as a mount or a mode of transport, and occasionally, as a way to do combat in this game.

Whatever you decide regarding the horse you ride in The Wild West, keep in mind that you and your four-legged buddy will have to travel, travel and travel. So, getting the right Pardner and taking care of each other will go a long way as you ride into the sunset of the great frontier. However, if you'd like to try out other similar titles, be sure to check out Horseplains' horse games list.

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