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Fun Horse Dress-Up Browser Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Horse games are not just about racing and eventing; it's about dressing up your equine too! Pferde Spiele Online - Fun Horse Dress-Up Browser Games

Horse games are fascinating in their own right. Most people know horse games from the dressage, eventing and racing features that most, if not all, games have. However, there are different sub-genres of horse games that can be played online aside from racing and competitive games.

For instance, there are dress-up games that are open to be played by audiences of all ages. While the games are tailored to attract young children and teenagers, adults who are looking to play games that are not very difficult to understand may appreciate the stuff that these dress-up games have to offer players and potential players.

Here are three horse dress-up games that you should definitely check out. These are all free, and can be played using only your browser. Since there’s no need to install anything, it wouldn’t take you long to start experiencing these games once you’ve decided to give them a try.

First game on the list is Princess Horse Club. This game is for those that prefer to pamper their pets, including horses, instead of having them do tough jobs like racing and training for dressage and other events. One of the best features that Princess Horse Club has for its potential audience is the direct and easy-to-grasp nature of its tasks.

For instance, dressing up and cleaning horses require six user-friendly and direct steps. You earn points from doing these tasks; points which one can use as in-game currency.

Aside from dressing horses up, you can also clean stables and prepare horses for a royal carriage run as the horse of the hour.

If there’s one game that embodies the adage, “Simplicity is beauty,” that would be Cute Horse Dressup. It’s very simple; you simply choose from many different designs for the horse’s mane, tail, hooves, saddle and mouthpiece. You can also choose from different backgrounds as well. It’s simple and very easy to play, but you could stretch those creative muscles sufficiently when playing Cute Horse Dressup.

Last, but definitely not the least, is Pony Parade Dress Up. This game is a lot similar to Cute Horse Dressup, but there are more options here for dressing up and designing a pony’s appearance than in the previous game. There are also many aspects of the pony’s appearance that you can customize, which means that Pony Parade Dress Up offers more legroom for grooming and customizing a pony for the parade. You should also definitely check this one out!

These are just three of the great horse dressing up games that you can experience for yourself online. Once again, these games are browser-based so there’s no need to install an actual client unto your computer. There’s no need to install additional plug-ins as well to make the game operational on your browser.

The next time you think that horse games are just racing and eventing, these three dress-up games should give you an additional understanding of what these horse games really are. The best part is, these are just three of those games that you can play – there are many other titles you can try and explore.

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