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Games like Planet Horse

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Planet Horse is a fun 3D riding game, and there are a few more that let you ride beautiful horses, and in this article we some them up for you. Pferde Spiele Online - Games like Planet Horse

Planet Horse is without a doubt one of the most complete horse games out there since it offers pretty much everything that makes this genre so good. In this article we’ll talk a little bit about why this game is so great and then we’ll also discuss some games that resemble it in various different ways.

On its own, Planet Horse can be considered a truly ‘full-fledged’ horse game simply because it has it all. There are tons of different horse breeds to choose from, you can customize your horse to an excessive degree, there are tons of different events to participate in, the game world is absolutely massive and this list pretty much keeps going on so basically players can pretty much never get bored when playing Planet Horse.

The noteworthy thing about this game is that it isn’t just great fun to play but is also an absolute treat to look at. The level of detail that’s been put into every single horse breed is incredible, the game world is beautiful and full of high definition textures, the sound effects are really high quality and overall Planet Horse simply does not cease to impress when it comes to the visual department.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation is an absolutely beautiful game but that’s not all since it also offers some of the most intense gameplay that this genre has to offer. Seeing as how it’s a little bit towards the competitive side, there are tons of events to participate in and doing good often yields a lot of rewards and also shows the crowds your skills.

The world of Jorvik is full of incredible detail and that’s exactly where Star Stable takes place. Like Planet Horse, there are multiple different breeds in this game to choose from and the best part is that each breed has its own special attributes so players can choose one that’s according to their preferences. There’s a lot of fun to be hand in this game in the form of exploration and various other gameplay features.

Riding Club Championships is another breathtaking horse game that’s full of incredible gameplay. As the name implies, the game has its fair share of competitive elements and the overall gameplay is definitely worth investing some time into as there’s tons of fun to be had since you can train horses and participate in various events.

In Howrse you get to run your very own equestrian center which might sound overwhelming but is actually quite an enjoyable task. Players get to buy and breed tons of different kinds of horses but the unique thing about this game is that the gameplay revolves around more than just horses since there’s also the task of running the center efficiently which adds a lot of depth to the game.

Horsemaker allows its players to become proficient horse trainers that train the finest horses to ever race in competitive events. There’s a lot to do in the game such as hiring expert riders to man the horses during races, buying or breeding different kinds of horses and of course training them in various different ways.

All the games we talked about above share some similarities with Planet Horse but the main thing to take away is that they’re all good fun to play which is why we recommend trying them out so you can enjoy them yourself as well.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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