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Horse Breeds and How They’re Displayed in Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen One of the key features in all good horse games is that they all have a great variety of options and choices that they offer to the player and an example of this variety is having a ton of different horse breeds to choose from and in this article we’ll be discussing these breeds a bit. Pferde Spiele Online - Horse Breeds and How They’re Displayed in Games

As soon as players get into any good horse games, the first choice they’re given what breed of horse they’d like to get and so players are presented with a ton of different options to choose from. Similar to how classes are in MMORPG games, each different horse breed has its own special features and stats.

The stallion, for instance, is a really popular horse breed. In games like Star Stable, Howrseor pretty much any other good horse game you’ll be able to select the stallion as your horse’s breed. Stallions are usually the strong and sturdy horses out of them all as they normally have pretty high endurance and strength which means they can do a lot of heavy training, running or similar activities without tiring out unlike certain other horses. Stallions are often shown as big, bold and strong horses that mean serious business and thanks to their tough looks and high endurance, this horse breed has become a really popular choice for the players over the years

English Thoroughbred is another really popular horse breed in these games. This breed of horse is usually considered the ‘all-rounder’ breed because even though they might not be perfect at any specific thing, they’re generally able to display a good performance in anything even if their performance might not top the charts. The fact that these horses can be quite decent at whatever they do makes them a really popular breed because players can pick them up without risk as they’ll be able to perform when it counts.

Morgan would be another example of popular horse breeds. The defining factor of the Morgan breed is that these horses are strong, agile and incredibly disciplined so they’re quite easy to train and display incredible performances. One drawback however of the Morgan is that it lacks the endurance of a stallion which means although they might start off strong in pretty much any event, their performance begins to waiver the longer it goes on.

Going a bit deeper, games like Howrsetend to take things to another level by adding some magical elements into the mix. Other than the usual variety of horse breeds these games also have magical horses that have special features and abilities. Perhaps the most common examples of these magical horses are winged horses which, needless to say, look beautiful with their extra set of wings on. One thing to note about these magical horses is that they’re not a common commodity and can be incredibly difficult to get your hands on but once you’ve finally acquired one it’s definitely worth all the hard work and effort as you watch them grow from tiny little newborns into gorgeous creatures that are capable of grabbing anyone’s attention

The horse breeds we’ve mentioned above are just a small portion of the horse breeds available for you to choose in these incredible horse games so we advise that you try them out and see for yourself how amazing they are.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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