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Horse Games 101

Diesen Artickel einschätzen When you first look at some of the horse games available it can feel a little overwhelming, what we will do in this article is give you an introduction to the basic ideas and activities in these amazing games. Pferde Spiele Online - Horse Games 101

While there are a few different types of horse game, they almost always begin with a tutorial, showing you the basics of a game. In each of these games you will be able to look after horses by feeding them, training them and sometimes riding them for exercise or in competitions. There are also some games, often simulation games that will also allow you to breed your own horses too.

Firstly we will quickly cover the different types of game that you can play. The first style we will talk about is the simulation horse games. These games tend to be a lot more text based, than graphics and they allow you to have a lot of horses. Each horse has its own picture, or you can upload your own image to the game and you can see the statistics of your horse. Simulation games often have a lot of details, including real horse breeds and genetic information and there is a lot you can do in them.

The riding games are the opposite style of game and here you can ride around in beautiful 3D areas on your horse. Often with competitions or events to join in you can also sometimes just ride for fun. In a couple of games like Star Stable you have quests to complete and you can ride with friends too. With much better graphics these games can be very pretty to look at.

In both styles of game you will have your own horse to name and look after, this will include feeding and grooming your horses. In almost every game you will be able to buy and use all of the tack and items you need, as well as pick the kind of food you want. There are also some games where you can see and actually brush down your horses too and you can see them getting cleaner and healthier while you do so.

Once you have a horse that is fed and groomed you can begin to train them to do what you want, whether that is a top sprinter in horse racing or the most skillful horses for dressage events. In both styles of game this generally involves sending your horse to train in a specific area, either a long run or even going through swimming pools. Training your horse will improve its statistics, making it better at what you want it to go.

But you do not have to wait for them to be fully trained, you can start riding or competing with them straight away. Each game will have different levels of competition letting you get into the action right away. The better your horse performs the more events and the bigger the prizes that you can enter and win. There are also dedicated racing games such as Blazing Silks that give you real time races that your horses are entered into.

One of the last things most games allow you to do is to breed your horses. You can not only build up your stable this way, but you can also make quite a lot of in game cash too. In Howrse for example, a prize stallion can fetch a lot of money on the breeding market, especially if you have trained it well it will have statistics that other breeders want in their own horse. You can also create new breeds or even magical horses in these games.

These are just some of the main aspects of horse games, but there are a few that have something a little special or unique that can also be a lot of fun. From riding around showjumping courses in Riding Club to playing games and riding with magical horses in Bella Sara. All horse games share a love and passion for these majestic creatures, and this shines through in ways that are hard to describe until you actually play a game.

Any of the games we mentioned in this article are well worth your time to play and have a lot of great things, but we also have a large selection of other games that all have some beautiful horses and great gameplay. If you have never tried a horse game, or you play them and love them we hope that you enjoy playing them.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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