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Horse Quest Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Some horse games are designed for racing, or for breeding, and some to give you lots and lots to do for fun, and this article will try to cover some of these amazing horse quest games. Pferde Spiele Online - Horse Quest Games

There are a few horse games that take you on to huge adventures, and allow you to explore a world full of fun and interesting things to do. This particular style of horse game focuses more on a story and the world that you play in.

While you still have the chance to own, raise and look after some beautiful horses, you can also take the time to explore stunning looking places, and along the way make friends as well as earn items, coins or even more horses.

As you enter these games you will be presented with characters that will have objectives for you. Completing these will often give you a reward, and the further into a game you go the better the rewards are. These quests also give you the chance to play with friends, or make new ones as you work on them together.

While the main focus of the game remains the horses, these horse quest games bring that little extra where you can be immersed in a beautiful world full of horses as well as not become bored with just doing the same training day after day.

Having described these games it is now time to bring to your attention a few games that can bring you this fantastic experience. There are more games available but these are some of our favorites.

Star Stable is a unique game on this list, while it is a horse game it also also a massive multiplayer game, and mixes both of these styles very well. You are able to explore a stunning 3D world full of horses, magical and real and meet some fantastic characters along the way. The world of Jorvik is a beautiful and captivating one.

Club Pony Pals sets a different pace, designed to be a place where you can ride your ponies with friends as well as help out the citizens of Wiggins. With lots of quests and a choice of horses for you to own, as well as tasks to help you look after your horse there is lots to do here. The ability to ride with friends just for fun is also a really nice addition to the game.

You could travel to Horse Isle where you have the chance to catch wild horses as well as help out lots of people across a series of islands. Each island has its own unique quests and there is always the chance to find a wild horse. While not as visually bright as some games, there is a real charm to these games.

In Bella Sara you have the option to not only own horses, but your own house with attached stables. With lots of places for you to visit, each with their own special horses and storylines for you to enjoy. All the while you can return home to redecorate or look after your beautiful horses.

Horse quest games are improving all the time, bringing new worlds and experiences for us to enjoy. Taking part in these adventures is fun, and gives us the opportunity to step into worlds both realistic and magical. At the same time we can still look after our own amazing horses, and this is a fantastic place to be.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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