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Horse Racing Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Horse racing games have been around since the the beginning of online horse games, and here we will discover their appeal and give examples of some of the best around. Pferde Spiele Online - Horse Racing Games

There are many different styles of horse racing game and they are still as popular today as they were in the past. But what is it that draws people in to play them? Is it the thrill of racing, or the back stage management of the horses?

In many games you are able to control every aspect of the training and management of the horses that you own. Not only can you choose the disciplines that they specialise in but also the exact methods your horses use during the races. Whether they are sprinters or long distance runners and the tactics you use.

But its not just the races you can manage, the horses tack, your jockeys, stable facilities and even sponsorship deals. All of these things are important and have an effect on how well your horse will race. Not every game covers all of these aspects, but there are some that do.

And then there is the races themselves, from real time 3D horses running across your screen to simple and instant results there are lots of different ways they are presented. But in every case you get to compete, often against other players all over the world.

Winning those races is a fantastic feeling, and climbing to the top of the leaderboards is amazing. Knowing that your horses, and all your hard work have paid off is what makes these games so good to play. And what follows now is a list of some of the best racing games around.

Horse Racing Fantasy is a stunning 3D horse racing game where your use of training points as well as tactical play will allow you to win races. You can play solo or in a huge multi player environment and compete all over the world.

In Blazing Silks you are able to watch your races in real time, or simply see the results of your training and hard work. With a simple and easy to use interface as well as detailed training programs there are lots of options for you in this amazing game.

Hooves Of Fire offers you the opportunity to not only race horses, but bet on your own races as well as any other race that is being run. You can win huge sums of money if you bet right, and then use those funds to set up your own championship horses.

For a complete game try Stallion Race, and build the complete town surrounding your horses, from research centers to media rooms and much more. With lots of races to be won as well as a series of tasks to complete for extra funds there is lots to do here.

Horse Academy takes you right into the action with mini games for training your horses, lots of facilities for you to own and a huge range of skills you can train. When you have a winning horse you can set them out to breed and see if you can create a future champion.

With Horsemaker you are able to create a whole world dedicated to your horses, and their racing skills. With real time races to watch as well as the ability to adjust your tactics and research new equipment for your horses and jockeys.

There are many more horse racing games that you can play, some of them very simple and some very complicated. But in every case its the races that matter the most, and in these games among all the others that experience is amazing.

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