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How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Horse in Howrse

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Need a great name for your new foal in Howrse? Well, whether it is a male or a female, we might have some tools that you can use to find the perfect name! Pferde Spiele Online - How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Horse in Howrse

Need a great name for your new foal in Howrse? Well, whether it is a male or a female, we might have some tools that you can use to find the perfect name!

Granted that these horse name generators can be used for other games as well, we think players of Howrse would most appreciate these tools mainly because you can own so many horses in this game. At one point, you might just run out of ideas and well, these tools are designed to help you.

1. Horse Name Generator

If you're looking for a single-word name for your horse, this site is just *chef's kiss* perfect for you! Starting with 76 names, you can simply click the "More" button at the bottom to generate a new list and well, the list of names the website can generate seems pretty endless. Some of the games we've gotten through the site are pretty amazing too. Some examples include Thelon (male), Silverwind (female) and Aier (can be either male or female depending on how you pronounce it).

The only downside is that the site doesn't really indicate which names are female and which are male, so you've just got to go with your instinct here and decide for yourself.

Check out the website:

2. Windy Acres Ranch's Horse Name Generator

Similarly, this horse name generator from Windy Acres Ranch only produces single-word names but there are plenty that you can choose from. However, we actually prefer this name generator is you're really particular about the names you want since the site comes with multiple filters so you can generate names that are more suited to the horse you have in mind.

Plus, if you're a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, which we are, you'll want to use this option over the first one mainly because you can actually choose one of 4 fictional languages in the LoTR universe and the generator will pop out some pretty cool names. It'll even let you know what the name means in English. Some of the names we got from using this name generator include Miril (Shining jewel), Ánræd (Resolute), and Ithil (Full moon).

The only downside for this generator is that the names you get aren't exactly randomly generated because we keep getting the same ones. The site seems to have a fixed number of names and once you've browsed through all of them, that's basically it.

Check out the website:

3. Horse Rider Supply's Horse Name Generator

Last but not least, what if you're looking for a horse name generator that can give you a name with more than 1 word?

Well, not to worry, we've got a nice generator for you to use as well - Introducing the Horse Rider Supply's Horse Name Generator!

Like Windy Acres Ranch's generator, there are filters on this site so you can narrow down the list of names to only include the ones you're most interested in. Unfortunately, the filters are incredibly limited and there's no option to generate a name based on the coat color of a horse, which is one of the main factors we take into account when deciding on a name, unlike the previous generator. In its place, you can generate a name based on its breed instead, but of course, the number of breeds available is incredibly limited.

That said, Horse Rider Supply's Horse Name Generator is not only a nifty little name generator for your horses; it also contains a database of potential horse names, from A to Z, that you can browse to your heart's content.

You can use the name generator directly on the website for free but there's an option to download the name generator too. We didn't try the downloaded version nor would we recommend doing so since there's already a perfectly usable, albeit limited, online version.

Check out the website:

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