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Is There An Ideal Weight for Training Horses

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Weight is one of those attributes that are usually taken for granted by online horse breeders. Pferde Spiele Online - Is There An Ideal Weight for Training Horses

When you become a horse trainer online, it means that you have to keep an eye out for various attributes of your horse.

If you notice, the first thing that you are presented with when choosing a horse is a complete list of its attributes. Most trainers take these for granted, with some simply picking up a horse because of its aesthetics. No harm there – anyone will want to pick a beautiful black Arabian stallion as these beasts are bred not only to be powerful, but to be eye-candy as well.

However, if you’re thinking about becoming a serious horse trainer, you will need to learn how to look at the statistics of your horse. You’ll find attributes like power, stamina and, most of all, weight. The last is almost always taken for granted by online horse breeders, but it does have an impact on your horse’s health and its performance in the races.

The best games to demonstrate these would be iHorse Racing 2 for mobile devices, and the browser-based breeder Howrse. In any case, these tips will apply to any game.

Try to open up the stats of any horse in your barn. In iHorse Racing 2, you can find that there’s an option to ask the Artificial Intelligence or AI for suggestions on what to do in order to train the horse properly. You can pick a stat, and the system will give you advice on what it thinks is the best action to take to train your horse.

Alternatively, in both of these games, try to keep on feeding your horse without training it. After a while, you’ll find that the system will warn you that the horse has become overweight. You will need to train it in order for it to shed off that weight – it won’t be admitted into races if it becomes too heavy, and for good reason.

You see, a horse that is too heavy will find it difficult to generate the leg power that it needs in order to compete effectively in races. If it is able to run up until the end of the finish line, it will be exerting more leg power than normal and, thus, will be winded. What happens then is that it will not have enough stamina and will not be able to generate the ideal speed needed in order to win in the races.

That alone is the reason why it’s important to keep an eye on your horse’s weight. After training, you might be tempted to just feed the horse so that it can regain its stamina. That is good and correct; too much of that, however, will raise the horse’s weight. You might make the mistake of entering races without getting the horse down to the ideal weight, and lose.

It’s not something that cannot be corrected by further training, but it would be great to avoid such frustrations in the future.

As for a horse’s ideal weight for racing, it varies from breed to breed. What is constant, however, is that the system will keep an eye on the horse’s weight for you and warn you when it’s become too heavy. You’ll get a notification in any case.

Take good care of your horse and it will win you races! Good luck!

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