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Jockeys: The Other 10 Percent of the Race

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The best jockeys know it's race horse's strengths and weaknesses - ultimately guiding them to extend their performances over the tracks in order to win the game. In this short article, let's tackle a few interesting pointers we have yet to witness in any horse game. Pferde Spiele Online - Jockeys: The Other 10 Percent of the Race

As it is with all racing events and games, the ride is only as good as the rider is. The same goes for a horse race - when the steep competition arises among the finest of horses in any game, it falls down to the jockeys to display skillfully their control over their horses to get you anywhere winning the game. As it boils down to the rider to maximize the potential of their horses, some games extend their micro-managing details within the game up to the jockeys themselves.

Most games on the other hand provides you with minute control and put over the race tracks, but then again, we should consider that within tracks, it is the jockey that controls the horse. For any game that employs this detailed information about jockeys, makes the game a whole lot exhilarating and fulfilling. In some games, you get to hire jockeys to play your races with you and even train your horses before the races. During which, inherent skills and experiences of a jockey counts well in obtaining the best race horse you could possibly train it to become.

As with the races themselves, skills of the jockeys may unlock specific moves for horses while racing like thrusting, performing technicalities in the track like cornering, reserving stamina for the final leg of the race (to dash), or even agitate the competition by pulling off stunts therein. These simple inputs by the jockeys in the game can quite affect the outcome of each and every match.

When put these things into contrast, a jockey’s role in the race becomes far more important than just being a horse’s rider. In reality, they account for at least 10 percent the chance to win the game. Not much to consider if 90 percent falls down in the capacity of the horse, but then again – their significance in the match’s outcome multiplies several fold as they get enlisted to train the horses themselves.

In some horse race games, a better jockey can train a horse a lot better from the starting age that you get to train it. This is the distinguishing factor of how much you need pay in order to hire one jockey in some games. As one that could potentially render better results in training a horse, the final outcome in their maximum potential will show significant differences depending on the jockey that trains them. Some jockeys also fetch additional values like fame, and win records – that puts up quite the winning mood and morale to a team.

With all these, a horse game becomes thoroughly detailed with stuff to put balance in and ultimately grow your efforts with in order to win races and progress further in the game. A lot of efforts fall into detailing these activities in any horse game, but at the same time makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable and immersive.

For some really great horse race games to play, check out the library of games that we have reviewed in our site, and hope that you’d be able to pick one to your liking, and enjoy them as much as we did!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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