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Magical Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen While some games stay grounded in what is real, there are others that bring you a touch of magic, and in this article we will discuss some of these and what makes them so special. Pferde Spiele Online - Magical Horse Games

Firstly, lets look at what can make a game fall under the term magical, and mostly its about the horses. Unicorns, Pegasi and many more special and unique creatures can all be available for you to ride and look after. In some cases there are games that give you even more unique creatures to look after too, like dragons and gryphons which you can also ride.

But there are also the places you can discover, and the other activities that you can take part in that can make a game that extra special. From riding across rainbows to hunting down a rare winged horse in a breeding sim game there is something for every player where you can find magic waiting for you.

The games that we are now going to present to you fulfill everything you could want in a magical horse game, and have something a little extra that just make them fun to play. Though they are not all what you might expect, they are brilliant and the horses and creatures you can own are simply beautiful.

Beginning with the gorgeous Bella Sara you are taken to a special place where every horse has a name, and is part of a family. But that is where it gets far more fun, with everything from rainbow riding colts to flaming stallions and unicorns there are so many horses for you to collect. And you can discover a world full of new friends to make and a house waiting for you to move in and decorate.

Travel to Jorvik in Star Stable and you will find a vast continent full of realistic horses, but with a twist. They are your special companions and there is a magic running through the land that creates a bond between you and your horses. As well as a brilliant story for you to enjoy there are lots of cool features and places to see.

As the name suggests Wizard 101 is a game full of magic, and as you explore it you are able to collect, train and own a huge range of cretures, including horses, unicorns and pegasi. By taming these creatures they become your friend and you can ride around, and even fly on them as you look for more companions and see what amazing animals you can own.

PoneyVallee is a different kind of game, a simulation where you can look after and breed a herd of ponies. It sounds normal, until you see the different colors and patterns you can create. There are some very special ponies in this game that are made of fire, or starlight and if you can find them you can breed some very unique friends to look after.

Second Life is like the real world, but with the option to do, be and create anything you want. Here you can make an island full of some of the most enchanting and amazing horses and creatures to call your own. Go out and discover some of the most beautiful locations in any horse riding game around and do so from the back of a horse that you can make do anything, even flying around between cities.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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