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My Favorite Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen I have tested a lot of horse games and enjoyed many of them, but there are some games that just stand out above the rest, and this is the list of my favorite horse games. Pferde Spiele Online - My Favorite Horse Games

Horse games are fun filled and adventurous games capable of providing anyone who plays them with hours upon hours of fun and in this article I’ll be discussing the horse games that were the most enjoyable to me.

There are lots of different things that go into making each horse game a beauty that it is. Each horse game worth its salt starts out by giving you an amazing and in-depth customization screen where you can select what kind of horse you want and then customize its appearance according to your liking, some even let you choose what special set of skills your horse has.

The amount of activities you can do in these games is just absolutely incredible. Horse games allow you to traverse through beautifully designed as you ride around. You get to raise your horse from the start and take care of it like you would take care of a real life foal. On top of all this there are loads of other activities you can take your horse to do such as participating in competitive events to show off how well you’ve trained him..

I highly recommend the following horse games because they provided me with a really high level of enjoyment.

Ride: Equestrian Simulation
Being a player who loves some competition, Ride Equestrian Simulation was able to provide me with some top notch competitive elements such as some really cool events to participate in and the ability to train my horse in every way imaginable, this high quality gameplay is complemented by a beautiful looking world and is overall sure to please.

Second Life
Second Life is a phenomenal game because it’s able to replicate every single concept of raising horses in real life into a beautiful looking game. You’ll be able to get your own newly born horse and then you’ll be able to customize it and make it look exactly how you want, take it on some cool show jumping events or even just go on a casual stroll to explore the amazing world.

Planet Horse
Attention to detail is what lands Planet Horse a spot on this list. You’re able to choose your horse from multitudes of different breeds, some of which you haven’t even heard of. You can then customize your horse’s look, equip it with top of the line gear and then take it out to race against other horses or participate in fun show jumping competitions.

Star Stable
Star Stable gives players the freedom of creating a character that they can customize to their exact preferences and then choosing a horse from the immense variety of breeds available. Once players have made their character and own a horse, a wide array of activities opens up to them that are all set in the gorgeous looking world of Jorvik.

Riding Club Championships:
This is another game that provides players with the fun of a top notch horse game but the thrill and intensity of a competitive game. You get to train your horses in many different disciplines and teach them new skills that will aid them while on the field. If the regular tracks are not suited to your preferences then you even have the option of setting up your own courses to train your horse.

What makes Howrse so unique is the fact that it emphasizes more on breeding and raising horses. While this might seem like a rather uninspiring game early on, you’ll quickly get to know that there’s a lot more depth to Howrse than meets the eye. You’ll have to raise your horse with perfection, keep track of all your resources and might even have to work to earn the money necessary for raising your horse.

Stallion Race:
Stallion Race is the prime example of a well executed horse game. The game has everything you’d expect like the ability to train your horses, customize their outlook and the option of taking them to the race track to see how well they perform. Other than all this you can also breed horses and this just adds a whole new layer of gameplay.

The above mentioned games were really enjoyable and provided me with long periods of fun and excitement. Give them a try, they’ll be well worth your time because of all the fun and unique activities you’ll get to do.

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