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Online Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen With so many horse games available, it can be a little difficult to find the one you want to play the most, below we have summarised 10 of the best games around. Pferde Spiele Online - Online Horse Games

Welcome to our list of some of the best horse games available for you to play. There are many games out there, and some of them really stand out above the rest, and 10 of them have made our list here. Some of these games are on Facebook and others require a small download, but in every case these games really are worth playing.

Star Stable is a huge and amazing 3D horse Game. You begin by creating your own character and horse, deciding on how they look. Once you have your horse the way you like it you can go off and explore the world of Jorvik. Play with thousands of others as you solve mysteries and have adventures with your horse. Earn coins and spend them on new clothes and magic items to help you on your travels.

Howrse sets you in the role of running your own stable, from 1 horse to a full equestrian center. You get to choose your breed and name your first horse, from there you can train them up and raise more horses. As you progress you can sell or put your horses out to stud, and even end up running your own full equestrian center.

For something a little different you have the game Bella Sara. An online version of a card game dedicated to horses, you have cards featuring horses and you use these cards to play games with your friends or against the computer. Although aimed more at the younger generation Bella Sara has a lot of beautiful mystical and magical horses for you to enjoy.

Blazing Silks is a pure racing game played through Facebook. You train a horse and then race it in direct 3D competition with other players from all over the world. With live races available, and trophies to be won in regular competitions there is so much for you to do and you have the chance to gain fame as a pro racer in Blazing Silks.

Join over 7 million players in Horse Land and enter a 3D world of breeding, training and showing your horses. Once you have trained your horse you can put on Dressage shows, and every category is covered, you can also buy and sell your horses to ensure you find just right one for you.

My Horse Club takes you into a wonderful world where you get to ride your horse in wonderfully sharp detail. Once you have reared your horse you can enter into tournaments with your friends to show off your riding skills.

In My Stable you can choose what you do, from trapping and breeding horses to training the best race and dressage horses. What you do in the game is up to you and there is so much to discover in this amazing world full of beautiful horses.

Little Horses instantly takes you to your own stable, right from the start you are feeding, grooming and training your horse. Once you have them all grown up you can put them out to stud or sell them on an auction house built into the game.

Horzer lets you adopt a wonderful horse of your very own. As you raise your horse you can enter the Cave of Secrets and earn special items to help you train and then show off your horse in competitions.

Horse Eden is a wonderfully illustrated game, allowing you to breed and train your horses to enter in to competitions. With fun mini games to play that can earn you great rewards and competition prizes there is so much for you to do.

And so our list of games has come to a close, each of them is unique, and yet brings you to the wonderful world of horses both real and mystical. We hope that you find the game you are looking for in this list, simply look through this website for the one you wish to try.

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