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Our Favorite Online Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Here at Horse Plains we have a large selection of games, but today we thought we would bring you a list of our favorite games, and why we like them so much. Pferde Spiele Online - Our Favorite Online Horse Games

As time has gone on we have seen many new games come out, with different kinds of style, from riding to simulation games and lots between. In this article we will be bringing you a list of a few of our favorite games. We have described many of these in the past and you can check out our reviews, but this time we are covering them from our perspective and giving you an insight into the things we enjoy.

We have a few racing games, but Stallion Race really stood out. There is so much depth to the game, both before and during the races. Outside of the horses there is a whole town for you to manage, covering the media side as well as training facilities and even your own airport. The horses look pretty good for a Facebook game and the race tactics and how you can pick special skills really adds a small amount of adventure when you are racing.

We also loved the fact they they are real time and you can see what’s going on and the effect that your choices have. Then you add in the fact you can compete against your friends and other players all over the world and then you are looking at a complete game with a bit of everything for you to enjoy.

Sticking with the competitive side of horses we have Ride: Equestrian Simulation, a game by Big Fish and one of the few that are not free on our site. We were immediately blown away by the graphics, how the game looks and feels when you play just simply is amazing. The horses look stunning, and you can see the muscles move under them as they run. The perspective when you ride can be changed so you can be right on the back of your horse.

Then you have the game itself, where you can pick from 3 disciplines, or just enjoy all of them and go showjumping, cross country racing or riding in dressage competitions. There are very few games where you can actually take part in and control your horse in dressage and it’s a lot of fun, though not the easiest of things to master it’s worth a try, though the cross country racing was where we played the most.

For a more relaxed ride we love IMVU, a virtual world that is close to the real one and full of exciting and fun places to visit. On top of that there are some realistic horses that you can own and ride around, pretty much everywhere and this is a massive game with millions of players all over the world. While not just a horse game there are more than enough fun equine aspects to keep anyone playing for a while, and the freedom in this game is staggering.

We loved playing each of these games, and we think you should try them too if you are looking for a new racing or riding experience. These games have a special place for us, and we always keep coming back to them for a fun ride or challenging race to enjoy, we hope you find them just as much fun as we do.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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