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Planet Horse vs Star Stable

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Star Stable and Planet Horse are two of the best horse games out there. Pferde Spiele Online - Planet Horse vs Star Stable

An open world horse game is definitely one of the most amazing games there is to play in the genre. You can get on your horse, ride it around, or even use it to meet other players and their horses. With so many games out there, and different sub-genres, what are the games that you could do all that has been said?

There are two highly recommended games for you. These are, namely, Star Stable and Planet Horse. In a way, both are similar to each other. However, there are various differences that make one stand out from the other. Let’s find out about those, shall we?

First, Star Stable is modeled more after your well-known MMORPGs instead of the usual horse game. Because of that, it provides you with a fully three-dimensional open world that you can explore to your heart’s content with your horse. Because it’s an MMO, you could meet other people along the way and you can make friends with them, or engage in some Player versus Player action.

Just because it is patterned after an MMO, however, it doesn’t mean that PvP in Star Stable are combat matches between one player and the other. No, you don’t carry lances and wear armor, and ride your horse to a jousting match. What happens then is that you and the other player engage in a friendly race. Whoever wins the race, wins the wager.

You could easily earn Experience points for yourself and your horse, this way. It’s also a good opportunity to put your horse’s training to the test. If you’ve just trained your horse and increased its statistics, you can see if he or she performs better against other players of a certain level. If you lose, it’s a good sign that your horse needs more training.

The game’s controls are also similar to MMORPGs as well, with the use of the mouse and the A,S,W and D buttons to steer the horse.

On the other hand, Planet Horse is focused more on competing directly rather than requiring you to explore the world and find opponents. What you have in this horse game is what the developers termed as “Missions.”

At the beginning, there are three types of competitions you can train your horse in, namely, Racing, Cross-Country and Eventing. Whenever you win, you earn coins and experience, in addition to a boost in statistics of your horse.

Controls are a lot simpler in Planet Horse as well – you simply click on where you want the horse to go, and it will go there. It will negotiate turns independently, without the need to turn your mouse around. The A,S,W and D buttons are useless here in this game as well.

As for similarities, both games feature horse training and rearing. You have tasks to clean your horse’s stable, groom it, and feed it so it remains happy and healthy. Both games also feature 3D worlds that are both stunning and easy to navigate.

Give these two games a try and now! You won’t go wrong with any of them.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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