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Realistic Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen When we look at a horse game we want it to be as close to the real thing as possible, and in this article we will bring you 5 of the best games that give us these beautiful horses in a realistic way. Pferde Spiele Online - Realistic Horse Games

There are many different kinds of horse games and each horse game has a unique thing going on for it that makes it enjoyable and sets it apart. One of the most enjoyable aspects of many horse games is how accurately they can capture reality and mimic it within a game.

These games allow you to do what you would be doing in reality, you can buy horses; you can raise them, breed them, sell them, train them and even partake in events to show off the skills of your horse. The things you can do are endless and the best part about them is how accurately they depict reality.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the horse games that have these realistic features going for them. Of course this list doesn’t cover every single game that falls into this category; it still covers enough to give you the idea of what these games are about and how they function.

Star Stable is a game set in the beautiful world of Jorvik. The game is designed to have lots of players and allows you to do just about anything you’d like with your horse. You have to feed your horses, care for them, take them on rides and even meet up with other players to explore the world together. You can own as many horses as you’d like which is great considering the huge variety of horses available.

If you’re looking for a competitive environment then Ride: Equestrian Simulation is exactly what you want. Pick up a horse of your preference and then train it, teach it unique skills and also select a specific trait for your horse to excel at. Once you have a trained horse then you can enter it in tournaments to give the viewers a true display of skill.

If you want more of that and you have a thirst for competitive action then Planet Horse will surely do. Customize your horse, choose a specialty for it and head straight into action in fast paced events such as cross country racing or some take part in show jumping to give the onlookers a graceful and elegant performance.

For the tactical players who want to get themselves into some serious depth, Riding Club Championships is the perfect game. Pick up horses you like and train them from scratch and customize them as you please. Once you’re done training and customizing your horses you can take them out on a casual ride to take in the beauty of the 3D world or you can enter them in championships to make a name for yourself.

Second Life is a casual and incredibly in-depth game that pretty much allows you to do practically whatever you want. You can buy horses; you can buy land to build a stable for your horses; you can train them, raise them, breed them and take them on casual rides or enter them in competitions to display how well you’ve trained them. The game truly manages to deliver a full-fledged experience.

Each of these games allows you to own and look after or ride some truly unique,amazing and most of all realistic horses. With whole worlds to explore and competitions to win you can choose the style that fits you best, and go out and enjoy these amazing realistic horse games.

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