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Riding Club Championships vs. Star Stable

Diesen Artickel einschätzen A comparison of two great horse games - Star Stable and Riding Club Championships. Pferde Spiele Online - Riding Club Championships vs. Star Stable

There is a world full of exciting horse simulators out there. Out of all of them, however, there are two games that are worth mentioning. You could consider them as the cream of the crop, or the best of the bunch. You may want to try them both, which is a very good idea.

Some players, however, will want to learn more about what makes one different from the other. After all, not all two games are the same. Similar, maybe, but there are always features that one has and the other does not have.

Without further adieu, let’s set about comparing and finding out what makes Star Stable different from its contemporary, Riding Club Championships, and vice versa.

First, both of the two games feature stunning three-dimensional imagery. You could find yourself lost in time, or too preoccupied to exploring the two games’ respective worlds, that you could forget that you’re in there to play and achieve some goals. That actually happens, even in games other than these two.

You’ll notice right away, however, that Star Stable’s graphics are more similar to cartoons and thus are less realistic compared to Riding Club Championships. This is because of the game’s audience – the former is designed to be a fantasy-based horse MMORPG.

Even the gameplay is also different. Because it is more of an MMORPG, Star Stable encourages in-world exploration in order to meet people with whom the player can create guilds or groups that they can run around with, or play races. There’s also a lot of room here for player interactions as well.

Unlike Riding Club Championships, Star Stable’s gameplay is focused more on in-game missions and racing, both of which provide the player with in-game cash necessary to purchase adornments and equipments for both the character and the horse.

Riding Club Championships, on the other hand, features non-racing events like dressage, jumping and show tournaments. One can say that hard-core horse sim fans will have a lot more to play with here than in Star Stable, although that observation is always objective.

While Star Stable lets you build experience for your character and horse by taking on missions, Riding Club Championships does the same through horse training for eventing.

Both games, however, do give you a requirement to always take good care of your horse. Like you would in real life, you’ll have to periodically feed, clean and give your horse water to drink. After all, horses should always be in good health so they can be in top shape. This way, they can do everything that you will require them to do in the future.

So, to sum up this article, Star Stable differs from Riding Club Championships in its implementation of the MMORPG gameplay, particularly player versus player (PvP) gameplay that focuses solely on racing.

In the latter, on the other hand, one is focused more towards training their horses for events outside of racing. If your interest for taking care of a virtual horse goes beyond just pitting its strength and endurance against other horses, then Riding Club Championships is the game for you.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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