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The Best Spirit Untamed Games for Fans

Diesen Artickel einschätzen To celebrate the premiere of the brand new DreamWorks animated movie Spirit Untamed, toy giants such as Mattel and Playmobil have launched a line of Spirit Untamed-themed toys and games so that fans can continue to relive the adventures of Lucky, Spirit and the gang! Check out just a few of them below. Pferde Spiele Online - The Best Spirit Untamed Games for Fans

The second theatrical film release in the popular Spirit animated feature franchise, DreamWorks’ Spirit Untamed tells the story of a young girl named Lucky Prescott who moves to the small rural community of Miradero, where she meets the titular wild mustang she names "Spirit" and immediately begins to bond with him. Together, they embark on an adventure filled with self-discovery, friendship, and courage.

Fortunately, young fans of the movie will be able to continue exploring the exciting journeys of Spirit, Lucky, and their friends even after the end credits roll through a wide range of Spirit Untamed themed toys and games released in conjunction with the movie. Below are just a few popular options to consider.

Mattel - Spirit Stackin’ Apples Kids Game

Price: $16.58


Spirit Stackin' Apples Kids Game transports kids to the world of DreamWorks Spirit Untamed where, just like Lucky, they can feed the beloved horses apple treats! Two to four players take turns balancing the treats on Spirit's nose. Then, they push the button on his hoof the number of times shown on the treat. If Spirit opens his mouth and eats, that player keeps the apples. The player with the most apples at the end of the game wins! Pick the special "yummy apple" and the player can choose to either stack it and press the hoof one time or keep the apple for their score pile. Spirit Stackin' Apples is a fun way to pass the time and makes a great gift for kids 5 years old and up who love horses and sweet, silly fun.

10.63 x 5.12 x 7.09 inches /12.5 ounces. Includes: mechanically operated Spirit figure made of plastic (no batteries required) and 24 plastic “apple” chips in red, yellow, and green.

Mattel - Spirit Untamed UNO

Price: $8.76
With this special edition of the UNO game inspired by the DreamWorks animated film, Spirit Untamed, you’ll be able to enjoy the same classic UNO game play that you love—with a twist! Not only will you marvel at the beautifully illustrated animated characters on the cards, but with the addition of the special "Wild Best Friends" wild card, players will be able to discard a matching number card if they have one in their hand. When players have only one card left, they must yell with untamed spirit, "UNO!" A great gift for Spirit Untamedfans of all ages (7 years and up).

7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches/5.5 ounces. Includes: 112 multicolored plastic cards designed with exclusive Spirit Untamed graphics.


Mattel - Spirit Hide & Seek Kids Game

Price: $14.99
A twist on the classic game of 'hide and seek', this board game based on the DreamWorks animated film, Spirit Untamed allows “hiders” to place miniature figures of Spirit and his herd in buildings and the “seeker” looks under one in each round. If the 'hiders' can get across the board before the 'seeker' gets 3 points, they win. For 2 to 5 Players, ages 5-years-old & up.

9.45 x 9.45 x 4.33 inches /13.4 ounces. Includes: multicolored cardboard gameboard; 7 hollow cardboard boxes/buildings; 4 plastic miniature horse figures; 5 tokens.

Playmobil - Spirit Untamed Miradero Festival

Price: $39.99


Based on the DreamWorks animated movie Spirit Untamed, this 131-piece Playmobil playset features Lucky and her friends at the Miradero Festival! The festival brings the town of Miradero together to celebrate the end of summer. Visit the food stand to enjoy grilled corn or try your luck at a scratch off card. Then, in the evening, it’s time for a musical performance on the main stage. Watch as Lucky, her dad, and Snips play music for the whole town, who can dance along! Simply snap the figures onto the spinning discs and give them a twirl! You can combine this set with the rest of the Playmobil Spirit Untamed-themed sets to relive the full story (each set sold separately). Recommended for ages 4 to 12 years.

10.63 x 5.12 x 7.09 inches /12.5 ounces. Includes: Lucky, Spirit, Jim, and Snips characters; table, baskets, vegetables, musical instruments, streamers, festival stands, tree, flowers, and other accessories

Kids of all ages will continue to enjoy the adventures of Spirit, Lucky, Abigail, and Pru through Mattel and Playmobil’s wide range of Spirit Untamed games, toys, and playsets. Offering countless hours of excitement and entertainment, horse-lovers and children alike will get to appreciate the bond between horses and people long after the movie ends.

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