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The Evolution of Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We all love horse games, but that they are today is a product of what they were in the past and in this article we will discuss how they have changed over the years. Pferde Spiele Online - The Evolution of Horse Games

There are many horse games around these days, and they fall into several different types, some based on what you do in the games and others on the style of gameplay. But they all came about as the demand for these games grew when more and more people had access to computers and other methods of playing games.

In the same way that games all started from the really basic 16 bit colors of the original consoles like the Spectrum, horse games also started with really simple graphics and actions, riding horses was done in only 2 dimensions as you saw yourself move across a pre planned route, or you were able to jump around in a platform style game. From these humble origin we now have a multi million dollar industry spanning the globe.

The first real horse games were simulation ones, a basic amount of text with pictures added in and a really simple layout. In these games you could only really see a few basic bits of information and they were aimed at small communities. But as time went on these games became more detailed, with better layouts and designs and of course artwork. In the modern era you have games that contain real genetic data and have millions of players, while still text based games like Howrse, Horse Eden and Equiverse now have millions of players all enjoying a depth and design that is beyong anything dreamt of in the past.

But the desire to do more with horses was always there and if they could do 16 bit riding games they could do better. Over the last few years there have been some incredible games released that allowed you explore worlds and make friends at the same time. As the technology behind games has increased so too have the graphics and possibilities.

This has lead to games like My Stable and Second Life where you have thousands in some cases millions of players all online at the same time riding horses that have such incredible details in places that are simply stunning. Here you can meet up with a friend in a different country and spend a while completing activities or just roaming around looking at the virtual world created for you. This may have seemed unthinkable 15 years ago and yet now you can experience games like these.

But as we mentioned, the type of activities have also determined how some games have developed, if you take a look at the racing aspect of horses there have been huge leaps made in the quality and design of the games around now. People have been betting on horses and races for a long time and in the more modern games you can run your own stable full of race horses and play on a variety of social platforms. One of the oldest social racing games is Hooves Of Fire and it uses pretty simple art and graphics with a real time, if somewhat basic race for you to see. But more recently newer racing games have arrived with updated looks and much better races, such games include Stallion Race & Derby Derby that use the latest technologies to bring a toroughly realistic style to your screen.

But what if you want to ride and compete at the same time? An impossible dream in the past now made possible with a list of games that allow you to go show jumping, racing and much more. The very latest in horse game technology sits in these stunning titles and they are perhaps the best games around, though not for everyone the visual appeal of Planet Horse can’t be denied even if you prefer a simulation game.

As the technology increases we are seeing more and more 3D games, or games with so much depth that you can maybe never see it all. As a fan of horses and their games there is a lot to look forward to and there is a bright future. Though we must never forget the past and there are some very fond memories of games that will always be with us.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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