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The Role of Genetics in Horse Breeding Part I

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The equine world copes up with what modern technology has to offer - let's all find out the information wonders of veterinary genetics in this two-part series, The Role of Genetics in Horse Breeding. Pferde Spiele Online - The Role of Genetics in Horse Breeding Part I

Similar to a lot of simulation games, horse racing games persists on using statistical data and variables that reflect the exact figures gathered from real world analysis. Much like that of car racing simulation games having different performance evaluation in every vehicle like horsepower, traction, gear ratio, and acceleration, horses too rely on some defining figures like their specific traits, physical attributes, lineage (parentage), class, and pedigree.

And as with most racing games, these variables are attuned to be sharpened through various training regimens or exercises (to earn skills or stat progress and shave off time per lap), relative upgrades, and of course through passive increase upon gaining some experience and levels in the game.

As a finite structure (to the genre) laid down to these two different racing games (car racing and horse racing), the comparison does not simply stop there. In most cases, car racing games scan through the gathered statistics (every race or battery of exercises) to evaluate their performance, and from there fine tune the variables or simply the vehicle's computer systems to improve its response over specific conditions. As modern games rely on real world trends and practices, adaptation to the use of the current technology is very much relevant. This is where the similarity comes in, how the equine world cope up with what modern technology has to offer - the information wonders of veterinary genetics.

From the earlier years of study in veterinary genetics, only two major contributions were found to be of significant use. First is the discovery of hereditary diseases (primarily the hemolytic disease on newborn horses), and second is parentage testing (for evaluation and confirmation of lineage). Other than that, modern technology has yet to cross the equine world.

The year is 2006, after 12 years of painstaking research, the horse genome sequence has been completed thanks to the invented and spear-headed process for finding the human genome sequence. With the relative backing of this information, genetics now plays a huge role in the equine world. Suddenly, horse enthusiasts have been handed the expansive room for growth (with scientific backing) rather than relying on the age old tradition of selective breeding. Knowledge in genetics offered the best possible and plausible matches (mate) for any given horse, to have it hand down specific traits to its offspring.

Not limited to this, genetics is now routinely used to discover various hereditary diseases in horses, knowledge and isolation of performance traits (like figuring out horses with this genetic differences that would introduce a smoother ride with its transition of gaits), and to predict the prevailing coat color or pattern in an offspring. Each unique field has so much to offer - from enhancing its room for growth, pre-defining its coat (for show and dressage competitions), and overall health concerns.

From a practical standpoint (in games), simulation games make the most out of this relative information in horses. In games where breeding is an allocated activity to put your efforts with, analyzed data from relevant horse species are given to make up the variables contending to influence the impending offspring. This is why some games give you a relative percentage of chance of what you’d expect (performance, bloodline, traits, color, and pattern) from mating two horses.

In the concluding article to follow this series, we will enumerate the interesting factors and benefits that we have gained by plunging through the world of genetics, and elaborate on their particulars. Until then, we wish you great enjoyment with the lot of horse games!

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