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Things We Like About My Horse

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are so many reasons to like one particular game. In this case, why should you play My Horse? Pferde Spiele Online - Things We Like About My Horse

There are so many reasons to like one particular game. In this case, why should you play My Horse?

My Horse is an exciting horse breeding simulator that gives you plenty of reasons to enter into its universe, never to emerge until you’ve become tired and have decided to rest for a while. We kid you not - you’d really find this game quite immersive.

So what does it have in store for avid horse simulator fans like you? Here’s a rundown on what the game’s plethora of offerings are.

First, as a horse breeder, you have lots of content to play with. There are lots of opportunities to groom your horse, to train it for various events, and to beautify them as well as their barns. The store is quite huge, with lots of equipment and adornments that you could purchase for your horse using in-game cash.

Of course, the breed ecology here in My Horse is immense! Whatever breed that you have in mind to take care of, you can find it here in the game. It even includes an encyclopedia that you can browse through if you want to learn more about each horse, and how they fare well in certain events in real life. This gives you a lot of options and considerations when it comes to choosing which breed of horse to add to your stables.

Document your journey with the camera feature. After giving your horse a bath, take a screenshot so you can boast to your friends how your horse looks like.

Interested in events? Well, the game will not fail you. There are various events that you can enter your horse in here. Best thing is, you’ll be competing against other players so the challenges vary with each match that you enter. This is your chance to show everyone in the game that your horse is the best and, if you do fail, this is also an opportunity to identify what you need to improve in your horse’s training and then get on to it.

Good news for beginners! The game features a very lengthy but very informative tutorial at the start. You’d do well to explore this tutorial to the fullest, because it provides you a means to learn how the ropes work here in the game. It may take some time, but this is an investment in time and effort that you should very well put in to browsing.

Best of all, My Horse is 100% for free! It could take a bit of your time to download the installer, but once you do, you got a game that you can play for a lifetime without having to spend some cash. Except, of course, if you want to avail of the optional in-game purchases that include special gear, rare horses and many others.

Give My Horse a try now! You won’t go wrong with that decision.

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