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Types of Workers in a Horse Stable

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Like many ranches and farms out there, a stable require a few dedicated workers to keep it and the horses in it in tip-top shape. Here are a few of these workers and their vital roles in the stable! Pferde Spiele Online - Types of Workers in a Horse Stable

Running a stable, be it in a virtual world or in a actual application, will require you to know what types of workers are needed to keep the horses in shape and the stable in good order. Here are the types of workers that are seen at work at a horse stable.

The Groom, also called stablehand in some places, is the most basic of all the workers in a stable. His job, more or less, is the general definition of being a stable worker. Managing the well-being of the horses is his or her line of work. Grooms are in charge of making sure the horses are well-fed and are healthy. They are also responsible for cleaning the stables to make sure there are no dirt or horse manure there that can attract flies and endanger the horse’s health.

Finally, a Groom is also responsible for making sure the horses are in great shape and always in good condition to ride. When the owner is busy with other matters, the groom is expected to take the horse out for short rides to exercise it. Grooms are particularly valuable in preparing horses for races, as they will be in charge of developing the horse’s speed and stamina.

Horses are very delicate creatures, and require a lot of care. Their hooves, for instance, require a special kind of skill to take care of. This is where the farrier comes in. The Farrier is responsible for trimming a horse’s hooves. If necessary, a farrier is also expected to be able to create new hooves for the equine, essentially making him a blacksmith. The word “farrier,” after all, evolved from a French word ferrier, which means – you guessed it – blacksmith. It’s a unique job description, because modern-day farriers are expected to understand the anatomy behind horse’s legs and hooves. At the same time, they are expected to be able to fashion hooves out of an iron.

The Strapper is similar to the Groom. He cleans stables, he feeds the horses and he takes them out to exercise rides. However, the Strapper is specifically assigned to horses that are intended to compete on the race track. Aside from the normal horse grooming duties, a Strapper is also expected to know how to attach the saddle to horses before they are put out to the racetrack or to work. The term is synonymous to grooms in North America, but the term, which originated in Britain, itself is used widely in Australia, a former colony of London.

Owning a horse entails a lot of responsibilities. There are plenty of tasks related to taking care of the animal. That’s why you need help, and help comes in the form of any of these three stable workers. Before you hire, make sure that the workers have enough experience and expertise in what they will be tasked to do. It’s because your horses’ lives are on the line – if they don’t know they’re doing, you could lose out on the investment that you’ve put into the equines.

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