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What Are Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We have many games that relate to horses here on our website, so we thought we would take the time to explain what they are and what you can do in them. Pferde Spiele Online - What Are Horse Games

When you think of horses, you conjure images of running, grazing in fields and these majestic creatures standing tall. The games that use horses as a focus take all of these images, add more and turn them into enjoyable and fun places to be where you can look after, ride and compete with your very own horses.

One of the first parts to any of these games is finding a horse for you, and then learning to look after them. Just like real life they need care, feeding grooming and exercises. You get to manage all of these things and in many cases you can see the horses you look after, and in a few games you get to groom them with brushes in real looking 3D. There are many different foods available and your choices can be important as you will see later on.

Once you have your horse and are looking after it there are lots of options and fun things that you can do. There are 3 main types of horse game, Simulation, Virtual and Racing games. In the simulation games you are able to to create a stable full of horses and breed them. You can create bloodlines of unique horses and often there is a community of players that are looking for good stallions or mares to help their own stables.

In the virtual games you are able to enjoy riding horses through stunning 3D worlds and explore different places. You can also care for them and do many more activities directly with your horse than you may see in some other games. There are often many other people also playing and riding their horses and you can see and chat to them to make friends.

There is also a subset of these games where you can ride your horses in competitions like cross country racing or showjumping. These games will pit you against the clock or other players all over the world and you can not only see your beautiful horses but win trophies and prizes too.

Racing games are exactly what you think they are, here you can create a stable of racehorses and send them off to the track to win you big prizes. But there is also a lot of management and fun you can have off the track too and these can give you a complete experience full of magic and fun.

And then you have those special and unique games like Cowgirl Sweetie and iCare Horse where you can just enjoy dressing and playing with your horses without the stress of competition. While these games may look simple at first glance they are a lot of fun and once you get going with them they can be hard to put down.

Horse are amazing animals and they have many representations and styles in these games, but no matter which style or genre you play there is a lot of fun that can be found. Owning horses and looking after them is brilliant, and we hope that we have a great game that you like here too.

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