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What Horse Breeds to Utilize in Star Stable Events

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Star Stable is a top notch horse game with a variety of competitive events and, in this article, we’ll be telling you which horses you should take into each event. Pferde Spiele Online - What Horse Breeds to Utilize in Star Stable Events

In any competitive event in Star Stable, it’s important to get your hands on any possible advantage you can acquire because of how intense and close they are. In this article, we’ll be talking about all the different horses that you should utilize in each one of this game’s competitive events so you can pick the proper breed and get an upper hand over all your opponents who are also participating in that race.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into the details.

1: Show Jumping

Show jumping is an exciting event in which players have to utilize their skills and horse training in order to give the crowds magnificent displays by making your horse effortlessly jump over all the obstacles that stand in its way. Show jumping isn’t a fast-paced event unlike the traditional races so it’s not important to have a horse that’s capable of travelling at insanely high speeds. If you’re entering a show jumping competition, it’s a wise choice to have a horse that’s easy to maneuver so you can make your way through all the jumps without any issues. It’s also important to remember that the horse you use in a show jumping event is agile so it can immediately jump when you need it to.

The Icelandic and Shire horses would certainly be a good fit for show jumping events as they can easily navigate through challenging turns without issues.

2: Cross Country

Cross country races are extremely intense and engaging because they often come down to the wire and, as you can probably tell, these races require horses that are capable of travelling at insanely high speeds because there’s a large distance that they need to cover. Maneuverability isn’t that big of a factor in cross country races because the race tracks are fairly linear and there aren’t many challenging turns or twists for players to navigate through. Since these events rely primarily on speed, you should utilize horses that are capable of going extremely fast at the expensive of maneuverability.

Lippizaner and Morgan horses are excellent choices for cross country races because they can reach some pretty high speeds.

3: Western

Western events include things like Pole Weaving, Pole Bending and Marley’s barrels and these events generally require horses that can travel at ample speeds but can also be maneuvered efficiently. You don’t need a horse that’s too fast in these events nor do you need a horse that can easily make sharp turns without trouble so, if you’re participating in a Western event, you should find a jack of all trades horse that can go at relatively high speeds while giving players a decent level of control.

The Welsh Pony and Fjord are excellent breeds for Western events due to their moderately high speeds and commendable maneuverability.

All said and done, if you feel like entering a competitive event in Star Stable then it’s definitely recommended that you keep the aforementioned advice in mind because it might just end up winning you the entire thing.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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