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What Makes Bella Sara a Success?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We have a great collection of horse simulation games around, with a few of them peaking interest from the lot of players and enthusiast. One of which is the game Bella Sara - which itself is popular among other games. What makes it such a good game? Let's all find out! Pferde Spiele Online - What Makes Bella Sara a Success?

To get us started among the defining factors that draw Bella Sara’s success is its expansive world. Despite initially intended as a card collecting game, it endows the players with an expansive world in full 3D. More so, you get to easily scour the regions of this expansive world riding your very own horse in the game.

Somehow, despite being cross horse game and trading card game, you are treated with fully maneuverable avatar that can simulate a great ride over its world’s landscape –that can be moved around in all directions along with fluid animations from walking to striding (which is usually only encountered over RPGs and MMOs). Bella Sara is among the rare horse games with this functionality – which alone makes it ahead of its league.

And now that we have mentioned, the game was seemingly a card collecting game in concept. Much more, the game was initially spear headed with the idea to match the complexity and expansive gameplay of the games Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon – which were both at the top of their leagues of the time. This means that there is sure a lot of effort – taken into consideration designing the game from ground up. With this, a lot of its nifty features may have been concluded from the best selling aspects of the two game giants of the time.

Not limited to this, the game was also simultaneously introduced with its own lineup of advertising campaign, merchandise including: trading cards, toys, books, DVDs, video games, arts and crafts, games and puzzles, apparel, back to school, and many more – which ultimately lead to great familiarization to the game and gave a brand to itself.

Riding, of course, is the core selling point of the game. Not only that you get to train and care for the horses at your stable in the game, you get to ride them and stroll through the game’s vast landscape. Other than that, several activities are thrown in to situate game progress along with your visits through the other locations in the game. More so, the horse is introduced with attributes to get you striving for efforts improving them.

Rides allow you to collect game resources, and several items like cards, in-between relative quests. This means that, the more you ride (and take up on quests), the more you dive into its expansive content, earn valuable resources, and simply enjoy the game all the more. Coupled with the great landscapes in the game, the detail you’d be given with, you’ll definitely get sucked into scouring the lands. Participants are also introduced with farther places to explore, as they get to unlocked pertaining locations from completing tasks and quests in the game.

Lastly, the range and variety of activities within the game makes up the great balance to truly get you reeled in. As you meet the different characters in its world, you be thrown in for some great tasks to complete – lined up with various activities to pull through while at them including purchasing of items, decorating and furnishing your cottage and rooms, and many more.

Bella Sara is primarily an online game - open for eager players to take a dive in its magical horse world. It is free to play, and is thrown in with several in-game micro-transactions to give a head-start to those willing to drop some cash on it. It is very much enjoyable and addictive to boot!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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