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What Makes Horse Racing Games More Than Just a Simple Racing Game?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The horse games genre is getting popular by the minute, thanks to the brilliant horse games being released almost every day. If you are thinking these horse games strictly involve horse racing, you are in for a surprise. This article discusses the diversity of this genre. Pferde Spiele Online - What Makes Horse Racing Games More Than Just a Simple Racing Game?

Horse games are much more than just racing games. Firstly, there are the Horse Care games that will bring the real life experience of taming and looking after your horse to your devices. These games invite you to develop a bond with your horse and look after it by feeding, watering, washing, brushing, grooming and cleaning it. Some games might even let you customize the look of your horse by dressing it up with colored saddles and beautiful manes.

Next comes up the Horse Racing category. Numerous games have been developed that strictly involve horse racing. These games include official tournaments, championships and even the Olympics. You get to ride your horse through the most beautiful stadiums among the most exciting crowd and the perfect race course. Typical horse racing games include trophies, medals, badges and what not to attract the players.

If you are looking for a casual horse game with no competition, you are in luck. The Horse Riding genre features many such games that involve players having a nice stroll with their horses and riding them on the most beautiful scenic tracks you have ever seen. Some games also include exciting quests like photography of wild life while riding your horse through the woods with real life physics. It all comes down to beautiful graphics in most Horse Riding games.

Last but not the least are the Horse Survival games or Horse Simulator games. If you want to experience what’s it like to be a horse, these games are perfect for you. Feed on wild grass, drink from the fresh waters and look out for wolves or bears that can harm you in horse survival games. Some games also include stable management where you have the responsibility of a group of horses.

Now developers have started releasing games that bring all of these genres together into one epic game. These games include competitive horse racing with an extensive horse care element in the game as well. Some games also include certain side quests that require you to simply ride a horse without any restrictions of coming first or beating the time. Such all-in-one horse games are getting quite popular among the fans.

To restrict Horse Games to just competitive racing involving jumping over obstacles and galloping horses racing to the finish line is simply unfair to this genre. With developers continuously releasing new horse game concepts every year, the genre is getting quite diverse. Available on all gaming platforms now, you can find a huge variety of horse games that will simply never let you get bored with all the diversity they bring to the table. In short, these horse games are a must try if you are looking for a fun and entertaining experience.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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