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What We Look Forward in Horse Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen We have enjoyed horse games for quite a while now with numerous titles that have enticed us and a lot of enthusiasts with exhilarating games to play. Being able to play a lot of them in the past, we came up with a few pointers of what we look forward in horse games to come. Pferde Spiele Online - What We Look Forward in Horse Games

First is to provide more “Realism” in the sense of having an in-depth relation with the flow of time. Sure, there are games that even follow a calendar of some sort, but none really accentuated details over a time map into the game. A game where there is a transcendent control of time – should make things like breeding and programmed schedules for trainings more interesting with relative figures of progress close to being “real” - to that of the real world sport.

For example, getting to program a training regimen, and rests in-between, for 5 months – and squeezing everything in (including feeding, grooming, caring, etc.) compounded by the capacity of the given horse, would then provide a relative growth with respect to the elements that you have provided. This should make up an interesting field of activity especially to the lot of horse enthusiasts.

Additionally, we look forward to see expansion in the lot of breeding activities – including more breeds to pair, assessing and handling genetic traits, etc. There are games specific for this activity but offer nothing more than priced possessions of statistically more prominent horses. No races, tourneys, or events whatsoever. To combine this feature to say; a full pledged horse race game - will surely fetch a lot of eager to players to play.

More so if they “Maintain a great quality for its visuals”. With a lot horse games that we have played in the past, only a few even made attempts to be rendered in a full 3D environment. Beyond reasonable doubt, these games are more enticing to play, especially that they can cope up with the lot of high-end games in terms graphics. It is very pleasing to the eyes, and further immerses you into the game.

Another key aspect that we would like to be present in the future titles to come is a more pronounced social integration and relevant activities held therein. Yes, there are games that offer these two things at the same time. But then, they basically are not intended to be horse games. Instead, they are virtual games that portray expansive activities like horse taming, caring, and riding to add flavor to the game. But with a legit horse game title, there is seems to be none. Except for bets on some horse race games, social integration finds minimal use in the lot of horse games. There is yet to be enjoyed like peer based activities of some sort, friendly competitions, open market, and the like.

Lastly, creating an open world with endless possibilities. Open world games seem to get a lot of liking from today’s lot of gamers – and for a good reason. Open world games immerse you in a more realistic experience, and lots of possible activities to do therein. People get to wander a massive world where people enjoy different activities, own their own ranch, stretch a ride across the wide open fields, and simply enjoy the time strolling, training, and getting to compete with you horse. The idea is a very much welcomed update to horse game titles to come.

Nevertheless, the games that we have enjoyed up until now provides us with great titles to form our deeper fascination to horses. There is much to like about what each game has in store for you, and are all very rewarding to play to boot.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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