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Why Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria Should be Brought back?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria was a game that was beloved by fans until its operations were shut down, and it stopped everyone from playing it. So if you were a previous Etrian or someone who wants to partake in the journey, here is our take on why it should be brought back. Pferde Spiele Online - Why Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria Should be Brought back?

Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria is an online horse game that offers a world of fantasy and magic where you become the chosen one to find the Four Millennial Horses or the Sacred Herd. You must locate them and restore the balance of magic to keep the world safe and create a portal to get yourself back home. So get on the saddle and let us give you the game's highlights.

1. Awesome graphics and animation

Awesome character and environmental design in Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria

Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria is built in a 3D environment that features cool and well-made character and creature design that is unique to it. The movement and interaction of the models are smooth and fluid, increasing realism and showing accurate game physics. You are also given a wide selection of character customization as there are a lot of options you can choose from the basic avatar creation. Start with picking a male or a female lead, and follow it up with choosing your desired complexion, and then you end it with setting the design for your horse. You can get creative by personalizing your character by combining different outfits available at the shop.

2. Simple mechanics and user-friendly controls

Easily controlling your character in Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria

The set-up of Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria is quickly learned and mastered by the average casual gamer. You can quickly navigate thru the area with the left and right arrows to move your horse sideways, while tapping on the + and - symbols will accelerate and decelerate your speed. If you want to jump a hurdle, then you can press the button on top of the plus sign, and you have to time it correctly if you're going to not bump on it. You can also use boosters to increase your speed, stamina, jump, or super but you can only equip two simultaneously. They are shaped in hexagons and are found on the left side of your action buttons.

Other features like the stamina bar are located at the bottom center of the screen, and you can check if it is full or empty as you use it, while the map is at the top right corner. A GPS-like arrow points you to your mission locations and helps you make your way easily.

3. Fantastic horse raising and training features

Selecting a trainer for your horse in Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria

One of the main focuses of Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria is giving you the ability to care for and develop your horses. They are categorized into tiers, and their skills reflect their designation. You can have them trained and increase their Speed, Jump, and Stamina. The higher the tier they are in, the higher the limit of their skills, making it essential for you to use them to complete a more complex mission.

So what do you think about our list of why Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria should be brought back? Not only do you get to enjoy the story, but its unique features and mechanics have captured our hearts and all horse lovers around the world. Although we don't see the game returning any time soon despite hoping otherwise, there are various alternatives you can resort to without having to search for horse games online. If you're looking for options, we recommend checking out our games like Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria list.

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