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Why Horse Games Are Suitable for Boys Too?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Although horse games are often designed with girls in mind, there are also a wide range of horse games that are perfect for boys too! In this article, we'll be featuring the types of horse games that boys might find more appealing. Pferde Spiele Online - Why Horse Games Are Suitable for Boys Too?

Although horse games are often designed with girls in mind, there are also a wide range of horse games that are perfect for boys too! In this article, we'll be featuring the types of horse games that boys might find more appealing.

Now, before we head into the actual topic at hand, you should know that the types of games boys and girls like may be slightly different, though sometimes, these preferences may overlap. In general though, boys often like more action-based games; games that allow them to feel exhilarated or thrilled. Be it fighting, racing, or stable management games, you name it.

This is why the first choice of horse games that we'd pick for boys are the horse racing games. These games involve the most thrilling game plays in which your boy will get to race around the world’s most famous horse tracks with a horse of your choice in first person. From jumping over obstacles to racing your horse on smooth tracks with water puddles in them, this genre has all the challenges and speed-induced excitement that the boys will find irresistible. If you're interested to give it a try, here's a great choice: Virtual Horse Racing 3D.

Most racing horse games involve some really cool customization options that include dressing up your jockey and your own horse. Boys who love horses can enjoy racing a whole wide range of famous horse breeds too. Of course, if your kid is older, he might also enjoy an additional betting aspect - just to raise the stakes and the excitement by a little - that some horse racing games have in their gameplay.

If your boy is into management games, then stable management games are the perfect pastime for him. These games include managing his own horse stable by managing the stable's finances and seeing to his horse’s needs like food, water and energy etc. He will be able to feed them, breed them, send them on various races all over the world, and unlock a wide variety of new horse breeds.

You can find various games in this genre that will be interesting to a boy. A perfect example of stable management game is My Stable. Although it is not all "fast and furious" like a horse racing game, this sort of games is perfect for more entrepreneurial boys who enjoy using strategic thinking to optimize their stable business. The only downside of these games is that they tend to be a bit more on the text-based side, so if your boy likes visual-based horse games, then horse simulation games like Planet Horse might be a better bet.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when looking for a horse game that's suitable for males is the theme of the game. It is often found that horse games themes with cowboys in them are most likely "primed" for boys (of all ages). These games involve the bad ass cowboy game play that every guy is a huge fan of, thanks to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly movie. You can shine up those cowboy boots and ready those pistols while you mount your Texas horses with the smell of gun powder in the air surrounding you. Usually these games involve shooting cowboy hats off of your enemies and taking over towns in an open world map while riding your horse.

With high end graphics and a gameplay that requires guts, these cowboy horse games are perfect for boys. Second Life is one such simulation game with cowboy-themed virtual worlds that are tailored for boys, though you may need to spend some time to search them up first.

In addition, knights jousting games are also increasingly popular among boys because of their epic gameplay. These games take you into the medieval ages where noble knights used to knock down their opponents off of their horse’s backs in the favor of their "milady" of choice. After all, how many boys have not dreamed of being a knight in shining armor like what they have seen in cartoons or movies? Honestly speaking, these games are pretty rare but its numbers are slowly increasing.

There are still plenty more horse games that are perfect for boys, but these are the best ones that we think a boy who loves horses and anything horse-related would love. So, if you happen to fit the profile or that you know someone who does, do recommend these games to them and let them know that horse games are suitable for boys too!

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