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Λίστα Παιχνιδιών Ride: Equestrian Simulation

Περισσότερα Παιχνίδια
Αρχική Παιχνίδια Ride: Equestrian Simulation
Ride: Equestrian Simulation preview image
Τρισδιάστατα Αναβάτης Αγώνες Αλόγων
Βαθμολογία: 9.4 Βαθμολογία 41 Ψήφοι
Apr 3, 2015 A Complete Pretence of Competitive Horse Riding 0     0 Captivate the world of the professional equestrians and ride your horse to the marches of glory in Ride: Equestrian Simulation.

The game houses a variety of exercises to propel you into the majestic sport and is focused to gradually develop your skills enabling you to compete in the riding events like dressage, jumping, and cross country riding.

Accompanied by the extensive tutorials and lessons that will guide you towards having you grasp all the basic controls in riding your horse, the game will prove to provide the exhilarating fun in the progress of learning itself despite the endeavor.

Breathe a new world of horseback riding in this simulation type of game that focuses mainly on you, the equestrian, to live the excitement of training yourself along with your very own competition horse. Choose from a variety of courses offered to gradually forge you into the professional level of competitive riding.

As you take on the challenge, you will have to pass by your trainers standards and complete each and every challenge presented as you progress. The given set of objectives are rather simpler said than done as it proves to be quite hard to complete every now and then.

You will have to repeat from the start of the given exercise if you fail at any point in time. Just like that of the real world sports, perseverance, concentration, and discipline are the underlying keys to successfully accomplish every given task.

After the player learns all the basics in the tutorial section of the game(passing the final exercise), grab the opportunity to take part in the given competitions in the game. There are three main categories of competitions to enlist and are as follows:

The cross-country events, give you a finite amount of time to run through the given course. A constant balancing of the speed and fatigue of your horse as well as your dexterous response over the horses navigation on the lines of the course will prove to be the key factor to win the competition.

Jumping events, provide different indicators for you to balance including sporting of the proper speed of approach, navigation and alignment, and the completion of the courses challenges. The combination of these tasks that are presented in a single stride will prove to be the main challenge of this competition.

Dressage, proves to be the most amusing of all competitions as the horses that are competing resonate a form of magnificence in their visual performance in-game. The tap a target form of play (much like that of a dance-dance revolution game mechanic) will prove to be hard as you will continuously be amused and distracted by the horses play.

Riding-along with its extensive approach on perfecting the ride mechanics of the game is its wonderful visuals. Be mesmerized not only with the game play but also with its vibrant presentation of the character, the horse, and the details of the environment in 3D. Overall making the ride over the exercise or competition grounds breathe an effect of reality between the player and his/her horse.

The game can be tested prior to actual purchase. The trial period can cover a hefty amount of time to run you through the basics and overall performance of the game. Upon actual purchase though, the game along with all of its content can be fully enjoyed as it covers no additional costs from there onwards.

To sum it all up, Ride: Equestrian Simulation game in tandem with its appealing visuals and amusingly engaging game mechanics makes it a wonderful game overall. The aspect of sequencing the learning curve prior to engaging into competitions in the game gives it a more realistic approach and appeal to it. Grab this game as it could easily be fulfilling to both real world horse enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.
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