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Ride amazing horses in Planet Horse, run cross country races or go show jumping in stunning 3D with this amazing horse riding game.

Choose the look and specialty of your horse.

Enjoy riding around beautiful countryside.

Enter into events to earn coins to spend on new clothes and tack.

In the wonderful world of Planet Horse you are able to spend time riding your gorgeous horse through 2 styles of event or just for fun. With amazing 3D graphics and simple controls this game is perfect for relaxing while being lots of fun to play.

When you first open the game you can choose your name and horse, though you can only be a female rider, there is no male option. There are several horses for you to choose from and you can even pick out the markings you want.

From there you are able to instantly go riding through the countryside. On each ride there are items that you can collect, if you do collect them you will earn coins to spend. The more items you collect the more coins you will receive.

Your horse has 3 main statistics, Stamina, Speed and Jumping. Each of these is used in the game for different things. When you go riding there are carrots to the left of the screen these are used up as your horse gets tired. When you run out of carrots the ride comes to an end.

When you finish riding you are awarded the coins you earned for collecting items, but also there is a chance that your horse will gain more stamina. All of the events have a chance to increase the skills of your horse, as well as adding skills to you too. The higher your skills the better you become at the events.

When you have some coins you can spend them on new items for you and your horse, these include clothes and tack. Some of the items will also increase the statistics for your horse, while others change your look. You can equip the items between any event or ride that you do, so you can become better at Stamina or Jumping before the events if you have the items.

As you play through the game you will be able to unlock new races or places to ride, and each one will also have more items for you to collect or coins to win in races. Between events you can also enter into the stable to clean and look after your horse, using the mouse you can brush and care for them.

The graphics for Planet Horse as simply stunning, with full 3D in every aspect of the game you can relax and enjoy some amazing views and watch as your horse clears jumps in the events. The game does require a download, though it is simple and easy to do. There is a free trial for the game too, so you can have a ride around before you purchase.

Once you own the game there are no further costs involved, you can ride around or race as you wish. You can also do events that you already have mastered for extra coins or to improve your time.

With lots to do and fantastic animations this game is really good. The events open up pretty quickly so you dont have to do the same things over and over which is really nice, coupled with the easy method of playing Planet Horse is fun for all the family. Planet Horse Resumen

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