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3D Horse Racing Horse Breeding
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Mar 30, 2015 Raise and Race in Stallion Race 0     0 Experience for yourself what it takes to be a world-class horse race enthusiast and wager your way into the money-pit world of horse-racing in Stallion Race. Developed and published by Proficient City, the simulation game puts any average joe in the shoes of the rich and famous. In the game, the player travels around the globe with his personal aircraft or yacht bringing forth his choice of stallion and jockey to compete with professional horse racers all over the world. To boot for example are the princes of Dubai for starters are nothing short of the spectacle of wealth.

Stallion Race is browser based simulation game that sets its goal to fulfill the challenges and the hunger of gamers for innovative types of games, something that will set it apart from the stereotypes of medieval siege wars, fantasy/fairy worlds, and fancy business management casual types of games out there. This free-to-play game manages to pull-off an addictive content from this daring plot by means of compounding intuitive game play with a wide array of complex game mechanics presented in the form of boosting stats that the player wishes to influence. Providing multiple ways to improve the overall performance ranges from refining, enhancing, fusing, or synthesizing the horses or jockeys respective equipment.

It is comparable to the game Pocket Stables by Kairosoft, but this one in steroids. Like in Pocket Stables, the player is initially rewarded and entitled with his/her own base of operations. In this ground, the player will be given access to different facilities to train and basically take care of the horse. As the game progresses, different locations on the base will take part on researching and improving gears, training the horse for stat upgrades, a health center for the overall health maintenance of your horse, and a breeding ground for future prospecting and propagation of a champion. The game also shares interest with Pocket Stables manner of approach when it comes to hiring a trainer for better delivery of results, upgrading the facilities to cope up with the training needs of the horse, off-training rewards to your horses, etc.

The meat of the game is the actual training you perform in order to boost the stats of your thoroughbreds and jockeys before you even take part in any race. Bringing forth a stable of champions in return will reward you with better offspring that will most likely surpass the performance of their previous lineage. In addition to this, progressive research of equipments will also directly improve overall race performance of both your horse and jockey. Earning victories over races is your primary source of income, and working your way up the ranks will reward you with race offers with higher stakes that in return will handsomely fetch you bigger prizes. All of which, are necessary to gain enough resources to raise better thoroughbreds.

Micro-transactions are in the form of credits. A broad selection of rare items for game leverage could be purchased via credits. Although the game does not require players to purchase any credits to progress in the game, online competition between players does heavily render a pay to win aspect. Also during mid-game progress, foretelling signs of the impact of implied movement penalty system comes into play. Easily remedy this of course via credits.

With regards with the graphics, there is nothing much to write home about. With exception of course of those alluring secretaries that are very pleasant to the eyes. But not condone the obvious lack of effort, the reason for this might be the size limitations of a web-browser based game. Not that the design is poor, but it probably lacks that wow-factor that the avid gamers of this generation seeks. However, the relaxing accompanying set of background music and audio effects is a good compliment to the laid-back gameplay.

To generalize all that, Stallion Race does break new ground for gamers that are attached to the management-types of games. The underlying daring plot might just be the key to its addictive charm along with the non-grinding gameplay employed in a very intuitive background. Although it has its visual shortcomings, the game is still well presented as a whole and can easily be suggested as an addition to the great list of simulation games out there.
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